Jan 23, 2020

Been busy doing a bit of this and that

A week ago last Monday we had a group of musicians over for the afternoon. That happened again this past Monday.  Mazatlan has a huge music scene and fellow RVers Mandy and Tom have become involved to the extent of bringing in some very impressive talent.  Many of the same musicians are here for a few months but others are only here for one week.  Tom and Mandy want to give these fellows an afternoon of relaxation at the beach.  They provide most of the food and we provide our site along with pre and post clean up, some food, wine and beer and however else we can be of help.  A win win for everyone.

James Armstrong is an American soul blues and electric blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He released three albums on HighTone Records and is signed with Catfood Records. His songs have been used in the soundtracks of three films; Speechless, Hear No Evil, and The Florentine.

We are so fortunate to get to meet these very unique and talented musicians in a relaxed situation.  Normally we would go see them every week at La Bohemia but with my knee situation we are not able to.  Colin has been few times on his own.  James Armstrong is special in that at one point he lost the use of his left hand and arm under tragic circumstances.  You can read about that by clicking here to read his biography. He has however had the strength of mind to overcome that and move forward.

Colin, James and his wife Alice and Howard, a wonderful musician who lives here during the winter months.

Mandy purchased and cleaned four kilos ( almost 9 pounds ) of shrimp along with some dorado fillets plus plus plus.

Some hung out at the beach for a bit and others borrowed Kevin’s ATV and went up and down the beach.

Lots of conversation.

One fellow and his wife had to head off early as they had a gig to play but the rest stayed and enjoyed the sunset and the fire.

I was tired but everyone was helpful by helping me carry things in and out and to clean up.  At this point I am only two weeks and two days post op.  I think that I am doing very well.  The pain is minimal but I am aware that I do not have a strong knee to stand on.  Turning and twisting is impossible.  Most nights I have had to take a Tylenol Extra Strength ( twice I had to take two ) so that I could relax enough to fall into a restless sleep.

Tuesday Octavio again added TENS as well as ultrasound which will be part of my ongoing treatment. He also gave me several new knee exercises related to rebuilding the strength in my knee and leg.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of reps every day three times per day.  I think I was shell shocked on Tuesday.  Between being tired from Monday and all the exercises I was worn out.

I woke up Wednesday feeling a tad more energetic and a bit like my old self.  I had the energy to start doing some research for our trip in October.  The airfares have gone up since I last looked back in September and the flights are limited so I decided that we had better get serious and make some decisions.  We had to come up with a new plan as we don’t want to be having to drive south in the snow.  Having left this past October 25th and still running into snow and cold and miserable winter conditions we decided that we did not want to do that again.  Our original plan was to fly back to home to Kelowna October 3oth, spend a few days getting over the jet lag and then load the RV and leave about November 5th.  Well that plan has changed and a new one is in the works.

Last evening we had a family with three or perhaps four children set up a tent for the night right next to us across the road.  Just at sunset they hired one of the bands that strolls the beach to entertain them.  The band had an amplifier on wheels and it sure did create some reverberating music.  Eventually the kids settled down and went to sleep.  Never heard a thing this morning.

Thanks to Colin for taking the majority of theses photos.  I haven’t even been out of the RV for the last 29 hours. Tomorrow is another day and I hope to have more energy and move on to other things that I need to deal with.

No worries, I will still be doing my physio every day three times per day, well except for when I only do it twice per day  😐




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  1. What a fabulous way to get entertainment, have it come to you! Plus you are meeting so many talented musicians.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    I love that you are hosting all those musicians! What fun! As long as you don’t feel compelled to overdo it.

  3. Karen says:

    Wow Contessa, that certainly looks like a wonderful time,it’s nice to hear your surgery has gone well for you. I am having hip replacement surgery in April (finally two years) I have and am in constant pain and have to use a cane for everything, maybe I should have thought about having it done in Mexico,it certainly sounds like this has worked out for you. Take care and we very much enjoy your blog.
    Karen and Dave

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