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Jan 31, 2020

2020 & no more calendar girls

For the first time in 23 years we are no longer using photos of the girls in our annual calendar.  Instead we are going to be using photos we have taken in our travels the previous year ( or years ).


Jan 30, 2020

More music

This past Monday, the hosting of the musicians continued but this time at the other end of the park over at Bob & Majories.  They along with Darwin and Audrey offered to host the afternoon.  It was fun to be able to just make a salad and cut up some fruit and go and sit […]


Jan 29, 2020

The fun continues

That reminds me, last Friday, Colin went to pick up our laundry.  On the way back he had to suddenly brake ( he wasn’t going fast but still had to stop quickly ).  A woman on an ATV was rushing past with one hand on her Moto.  She was traveling rather quickly considering she was […]


Jan 26, 2020

Fun at the Tiki Hut

At this moment in life, my priority is getting my knee better.  I have odd pains and sometimes feel ‘shooting stars’ in my knee.  It is looking better and is barely inflamed. However the exercises are taking an enormous amount of time each day and that is my priority.  I also realized that if I […]


Jan 23, 2020

Been busy doing a bit of this and that

A week ago last Monday we had a group of musicians over for the afternoon. That happened again this past Monday.  Mazatlan has a huge music scene and fellow RVers Mandy and Tom have become involved to the extent of bringing in some very impressive talent.  Many of the same musicians are here for a […]


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