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Aug 04, 2020

The full Sturgeon Moon

The following information is from the Farmers Almanac. A full write up along with many other interesting facts can be found here. Colin took these photos over three nights with a hand held camera.    


Aug 03, 2020

Unexpected medical visit on Monday of the long weekend

Saturday morning after rubbing my eyes I felt a very strong sensation in my left eye.  As the day progressed it became a constant pain that never went away.  It just kept intensifying. At one point we discussed going to the hospital but I said I would wait until Monday morning. I took one extra […]


Aug 02, 2020

Interesting RV storage area

Just the other day I accompanied Colin when he went to the RV to turn off the solar panels which we had turned on because of the power outage  No need to overcharge the batteries. A few things caught my eye that I decided to share here. Enjoying a quiet Sunday of the long weekend […]


Aug 01, 2020

Adios amigos and power outage

Colin took the golf cart over to the RV to turn on the solar panels.  We had no idea how long we would be without power and if we would have to transfer our fridge.  When it started to creep up over 84.5 at my desk I made an executive decision. I made dinner reservations […]


Jul 31, 2020

July travel calendar photo

Another of our favourite places, Barcelona. We are quite captivated by Gaudi’s architectural creations.


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