Dec 22, 2019

Quiet Saturday

Yesterday started with Sophia coming to give me a second massage this week.  I saw her last Monday but won’t see her again until December 30th.  She really helps me but it does not last long.  Colin drove her back to the Playa Sur embarcadero and then went on to the mercado to get the final things we needed for our annual park Christmas pot luck on Monday as well as are own Christmas dinner.

A unique way to tow your motor boat along with the banana boat.  Can you see that the fellow is driving and texting?

While Colin was gone I made an appetizer to enjoy over the next few days.  Then Lupe finally had time to drop by.  He is the one who built our palapa and after that last big storm, just before we arrived, we lost a good deal of palm branches. He figures we need about 150 to complete the repairs but he is too busy to start until early January.

The weekend before Christmas is busy here on the beach.  To the left of the green canopy is a sailboat that stayed there for a few days before heading south this morning.  First time we have had one in so close and between the two RV parks.

Hey those are our friends sitting out on the beach enjoying all the activity.

I finally sat late afternoon with moist heat on my leg and knee.  The pain is not fun, but reading on my iPad and enjoying a glass of vino blanco certainly is.

Once sunset was over we finally got organized and had a lovely BBQ dorado dinner.


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  1. Deb says:

    Hopefully the knee gets better soon and you can get back to enjoying your time there. I always love the view in your photos of sunsets. Truly a relaxing sight.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Colin! Enjoy your potluck and quiet Christmas Day 🙂

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