Nov 18, 2019

Update of our last day on the road

Saturday, November 16th, our final day on the road to the Isla.  We are up at 6AM and driving by 6:50AM. The road from the Pemex at KM 75 is much improved all the way to to the Culiacan tolls.  Many parts have been redone but have already been patched.  I can only assume that the high summer heat softens the asphalt and the repeated pounding of truck tires creates new holes quickly.  We were still able to straddle the lanes as needed.

Not much left of these two semi cabs.

I have been using this road log for ten years this month and as you can see it has seen a great deal of  changes.

You can purchase Mexican road logs from On the Road in Mexico.  I get my road logs here. This is similar to the one I am using.  Mine is outdated but there is a new 2019-2020 edition for sale.  A great deal @ $9.99, all you need to do is print it out.

We came upon this military unit on the autopista to Mazatlan.

Turns out that they were security for a dozen Pemex trucks and that there were two other military vehicles in the lead.  Shortly thereafter we saw a similar convoy heading north.

Our first glimpse of the ocean.

A few years ago the Libramiento de Mazatlan opened and the exit was  @ Villa Union and you needed to head back toward Mazatlan and the airport turn off.

If you want to avoid going through Mazatlan take the Tepic Cuota.  There is now a turn off directly to the Mazatlan Airport road and the Isla road is a spur from that road. Because we were meeting Erik at a repair shop we went through the city which  was extremely busy as it was a long weekend.  It took us four lights to get through the Woolworth/Soriana intersection.

The worst part of the road was from the final autopsista toll booth to either the Tepic Cuota or into Mazatlan.  Next year we plan to take the former.

When we got to the garage it was full and so Erik decided to just pull out our generator on the street.

However space opened up within 40 minutes an we were inside.  No pits to work from, only these very short ramps.

A typical large truck/bus repair shop here in Mazatlan.

I started by plugging in this small fan and running it off the inverter but Erik wanted that turned off based on how close he was working to various live wires. Working a blog post here.  So very hot that I am wearing as little as possible.

Quite a struggle. Erik is on the left.

It took just over two hours to get the generator out.  It took much longer last February

We backed out of the shop and hooked up and the car and headed to the Isla.  The RV was like an oven and we had no way to cool it down.

Surprise, they are now widening the road to the Isla.  Why?

Years ago it would take us between 90 minutes to 3 hours to do this drive but on pot holed  gravel roads.  One year I drove and Colin had to walk ahead with a ladder and climb up and cut off branches so that we could pass through. Eventually we had to stop and we could go not further.  We literally blocked the road.  Finally someone sent us an excavator machine which pushed ahead of us and cleared the path so that we could drive ahead.  This  photo shows it as it is now which is passable.

Still can’t figure out why they need such a wide road to the Isla.

We finally arrived home there on the Isla about 2:30PM Saturday.

As you have read the last post or two we are ever so slowly settling in.  Current updates on the next post.





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10 Responses to “Update of our last day on the road”

  1. Deb says:

    I’m sure the delay getting to your ‘home’ was as difficult a wait as most of the rest of your trip. Waiting is always hard and especially when you are so close to your destination. Glad you arrived safe and sound.

    • contessa says:

      Thank Deb. Getting the generator removed was a must on our list and much better to do it right away. Better to only have to go back the once to have in reinstalled. It is a big deal to unplug our many connections and move everything inside the RV, so this save us one trip.

  2. Cindy Mensies says:

    Nothing better then pulling into your spot after a long trip down and you my friends had a long trip! Yes enjoy now and relax!

    • contessa says:

      It did seem like a very long trip this year. I think I need another week before I can fully relax. But I am tying bit by bit.

  3. Jim Davis says:

    Howdy, 1st time I have left a comment on your blog, found your blog through a comment someone left on my wife’s blog. ( Your trip to Mexico this year was quite the odyssey, we can relate to mechanical problems on the road having owned a Beaver Monterey for 8 years. Glad you are finally there in one piece, you have certainly earned an extra margarita or two!! Do have one curiosity question though, what make and model is your bus? Don’t often see diesel motorhomes with a midship entry door.

    • contessa says:

      A most special welcome to the comment section of my blog. I am honored that you took the time to leave a message Jim. Odyssey is the exact work I was teaching for. Here we are a few days later and I have yet to even walk-on the beach never mind enjoy a margarita. We have a 40′, 2001 Roseair, made by Rexhall. We bought it new. It came with a choice of front or midship entry and as soon as we saw this one at the factory we knew that it was want we wanted. The layout is wonderful, not to mention all the storage. We certainly carry a lot when we travel including 20 cases of wine down to Mexico plus four new batteries. Last year we brought down two roof A/C’s. I have checked out your blog once or twice but it is on my do do list. I am still 200 emails behind.

  4. Dolores says:

    Yea!!! It looks so bare w/o all your special things to brighten it up n make it homey!!

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