Nov 12, 2019

A bit of progress

We started the morning working on sorting out the cracked windshield issue.  Turns out that we only have part of our insurance with ICBC and the other part with Aviva.  Our glass coverage is with them and our deductible in not $500.00 as I had previously posted but $250.00.  They say to go ahead and get a new windshield installed and that they will reimburse us once we get back to Canada.  A special thank you to blog readers Karen, Neil and Scott who came to the rescue with some suggestions.  Neil who is new to the comment section of my blog and most welcome gave us the phone number of a company to contact.  We did indeed call Andy who is most knowledgeable but it will take a week to get the glass in.  We just can’t delay that much longer.  He did inform us that the cost was $1600.00US 😯  Meanwhile we are hoping that Hector will come through for us tomorrow and do a minor repair that will hold the window together at least as far as Mazatlan and back to the US, about 1500 miles.

Next up was Accu-Trac who would have been willing to start operation radiator today.  Colin decided to wait until tomorrow just in case.  Sure enough the delivery was delayed and in the end only got to Accu -Trac about 3 PM this afternoon.

Sadly we discovered that it was not the radiator that we had ordered 😥  We wanted the brass and copper one but were sent the aluminum one as that was all they had in stock. We would have to wait a few more days for one to be shipped out from California. Colin called his go to guy at Freightliner back home in Kelowna and Troy said that many semis are now using aluminum rads. That this is the new normal and they are considered good radiators these days.  When they first came out years ago, they were not very good at all.  This particular one is all aluminum with no plastic at all. Both Troy and Performance Radiators here in Tucson who brought it in for us claim that we should get at least ten years out of it. So we now have an appointment with Accu-Trac at 7:30AM tomorrow.  They say that they will have us on the road at the end of the day 😎

Even better is that Accu – Trac charge $107.00 per hour for labour versus the $155.00 per hour that Freightliner charges. We also will be able to be right there to see what is happening and ask questions.  Also that means that Hector can come and work his window magic.  He would not have been allowed access to the RV at Freightliner.  I cancelled our hotel reservation for tonight for $95.00US and instead paid an additional $41.00 for another night here at the Crazy Horse RV Park.  We were supposed to be out of the RV tonight. So much nicer to be in our own RV tonight and again tomorrow night.  We so hope that this will all work out.  Accu – Trac is less than a mile away from here so by adding coolant we will be able to drive there with no issues.

Because of the increasing velocity of the wind Colin took down the arm and dish but left the tripod up.  It took less that five minutes to set it all up again and get 90% green on both lines.  We are taping a show tonight so it was nice to use the already set up dish.

The cold front arrived here in Tucson this morning with 60F temps and huge winds, gusting to 20 plus MPH. I had heat on inside for most of the morning. We did go out to do our final grocery shop this afternoon before crossing the Mexican border.  Tonight after we shower we will fill the fresh water tank and dump the grey.  That way we are ready for anything.  We also fuelled up the Jeep at 2.35.  Good price.

I love my RV fridge.  I actually have nine heads of romaine in there plus, plus, plus.

Now for the Mexico updates.

Click here for link about crossing into Mexico at Nogales on November 11th, part one.  This is an excellent detailed article by my friend Carol.  I was to cross two days prior but with our breakdown she and Bill went ahead of us.

Carol just posted part two of the 5 1/2 hour trip from Nogales to San Carlos.  You can access that well written and detailed trip by clicking here. I especially appreciate her comment about not worrying about the orange cones when doing that sharp left turn off to the Hermosillo bypass.  I would have been most concerned as we approached that area from a distance.  The distance travelled via the bypass may be the same but the ease of the drive as mentioned by Carol is most important.  I shuddered every time we had to drive though that city.

I also received input this evening from long time RVer Audrey who crossed into Mexico today via Lukeville.  I know that some of you are waiting to read this.  This is her report in her words.

Crossed the border at Lukeville/Sonoyta in our 1 ton dually pulling a 5th wheel, after going down to the border yesterday to get tourist visas. Once at the customs(aduana) at around k21, we took the autobus entrance, which is the second one. Passable English was spoken, we were told at Banjercito that our truck was over the allowable weight and we would need authorization from customs official.  This was no problem, as the customs office is in the same building, and the officer stamped our form, no questions asked. We then completed our TIP, and were on our way.  The road conditions from Sonoyta to Caborca were ok, there was just 1 rough and dusty detour of about 2 miles, N of Caborca.  From there to Santa Ana the road was good 4 lane divided, with one hefty toll.  Punta Vista RV park in Santa Ana is open, and would welcome your business!

Thank you ladies for your input.  This is going to help many others crossing into Mexico in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for the details of operation radiator.



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12 Responses to “A bit of progress”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    Great job Contessa forwarding road reports from those that have gone on ahead of us. Bit by bit you are overcoming your mechanical problems and will be on your way also. I must admit, at first glance I thought there was a major food item missing from your fridge picture, but then I noticed what was in the bottom shelf on the door. Lol

    • contessa says:

      Thank you my friend. I have been fortunate this trip to get input but then I did ask them. That major food item is strewn throughout the RV.

  2. Scott Cameron says:

    Glad you are getting it sorted out. If you can get a firm quote from the glass shop you want to use on your return, Aviva will very likely send you a cheque less your deductible payable to you and the glass shop. They are an excellent company and really want to close their files. That way you just sign off the draft and pay your deductible when the work is done.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for that suggestion Scott. I would have no where to receive a cheque. Best we use our Visa and then claim it once we get back to Canada. Just like the insurance company of the sweet sixteen babe who rear ended us in Vegas a week ago wanted to settle the claim and close the file. No and no. No address to mail a cheque to plus I wold prefer to have ICBC deal with them

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Hope you get back on the road soon! Looks like you are saving some money with the deducible, that is nice!

  4. SandyM says:

    Oh my goodness that is a full fridge! How are just the two of you able to use 9 heads of Romaine before it goes bad? Some pretty big salads everyday while traveling, maybe? Here is to getting a new radiator today and on the road again.

    • contessa says:

      Yes a full fridge. That romaine will last two weeks. I have special green bags to put the lettuce into once we land. Cheers to a new radiator.

  5. Things are moving in the right direction, I sure hope the radiator gets sorted today!

  6. Dave Davis says:

    Hi, we have an Aluminum Radiator and it’s original. They are ok by me.

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