Nov 01, 2019

How did it get to be November?

October brought many changes and some challenges for us.  However it is not just us having to deal with whatever life throws at us.  I know of two full time RVers who are having to empty their RV’s and winterize them this coming week. They both write blogs and live in Ontario.  One is due to health issues and the other due to financial issues because of extensive RV repairs.  Actually there is a third blog writing RVer, from the famous Bayfield Bunch who is also taking this winter off due to health issues. We were to meet longtime friends from our Acapulco RVing years this winter on the Isla for a week or two. They then travel further south toward the Rincon area.  I was shocked this past week to receive an email from her saying that due to extensive RV issues that they’re packing it in and heading back to B.C. Canada for the winter.

Colin spoke with Freitghtliner today back in Kelowna about our engine issue.  Things are not looking good so he then called Cummins and increased the time of our appointment Monday morning to do a few other tests.  One problem that I never mentioned is that the engine dipstick is showing a higher level than what is normal.  Is that because water is getting into the engine and raising the oil level?  Not a good sign at all. We are hoping that it is nothing but we are prepared to move into a hotel or Airbnb for a week or more as they have to take things apart.  Not ready to deal with the high bill if that is the case.  But as I said yesterday I need to try and stay positive but at the same time we need to be realistic.

On a positive note it was much warmer today.  It got up to 64F and I didn’t even need a jacket, just long pants and a long sleeved shirt as I walked back and forth to the laundry room.  Even better the low tonight is supposed to only be 48F, it was a cool 35F this morning.

So the delivery saga of our new Shaw satellite system continues. It was not delivered yesterday as originally promised.  We spent time speaking to the DHL people last nite and they were not certain that we would get it today.  They did make a note on on file/case number that we were leaving the area and we needed to receive it today as we would then be gone.

So this morning just as I was getting caught up and looking forward to reading my e book which is due back at the library any day now ( I still have 100 pages to go ) the phone rang.  It was DHL and once again our package has been delayed in Cincinnati, Ohio, something about weather issues.  I was told that we would not get the dish today and it could only be delivered Monday afternoon.  As I mentioned we will either be at Cummins or on the road further south.  So I asked if we could have the package forwarded to an RV park by end of day Wednesday next week in Arizona.  Absolutely.  Except first they have to ship the package back to Ohio and then to Phoenix and from there it would be shipped to our RV park 😯  However no guarantees on the time line.

I asked if we could possibly pick up the package if it indeed gets into Vegas later today.   Failing that, Colin then said that he drive to the airport while I stayed with the RV Monday morning to pick it up.  So we were put on hold and finally told that we would be contacted if the flight did arrive in Vegas today. It did. Then they had to unload the plane  and open the container that our box was in.  It took several hours but we finally got an email that we could come and pick up our package before 5PM today.

Meanwhile Colin had errands to do all over town for minor RV parts but we only have the one cell phone working.  I shut mine down for the winter so that I only have to pay $5.00 per month.  Colin will shut his down before we cross into Mexico and I will put my Mexican SIM card into mine.  He only has to pay $10.00 while we are here in the US while mine is horrendously expensive.  So Colin took the laptop with him and would check for emails from me enroute at Home Depot, etc, or wherever he found free wifi.   I actually had three calls so it was good that I kept the phone with me.  The good news is that he did pick up the new dish.

It takes up a good deal space. Now we will be traveling with two Shaw set ups for the 75cm dish.  I see that he also got the one bag of soil that I need to grow my veggies on the Isla.  That large bag you see in the background is full of sheets and towels for those who need it on the Isla.

Meanwhile I checked my Visa online and I had been overcharged $50.00 from the quote for the dish and shipping.  I figured out what had happened, the dish was in USD and converted to CAD but the shipping was in CAD but they took that as a USD figure and converted it back into CAD.  That is exactly the amount that I am out.  So back to me calling Quebec to where the dish was purchased ( it took 4 attempts )  and dealing with all of this in French.  I will get a credit but not until Monday when those who were involved in the purchase are back in the office.

Kind of a lot to take in. I seem to be on the phone all the time or on the computer trying to sort something out.  Life can’t always be about trying to sort things out.  I am getting real tired of this.  However we are at least still able head south one way or the other.

Halfway thru Colin’s shower this morning the water stopped.  Looks like there was a water break just a few sites over from us.  Apparently half the park was shut down for most of the day.  I still don’t understand why only this one fellow worked on it all day.  Back home in our RV park or in Mexico there would be a bunch of people working on the repair.

A special thanks to Sandy for sending me the following  so that I can share it with all of you traveling to Mexico.

Hi Contessa and Colin,  this was originally posted on  La Penita RV Park site and was picked up by a member of Paraiso Del Pescador FB page  and posted for all to see.  I do not know if you use your credit card at Pemex stations in Mexico but this is good information to have.  If it is being done at one station it could be done at others.


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10 Responses to “How did it get to be November?”

  1. bonkers says:

    Sorry to hear about your continuing issues. Are you staying at the RV Park near Sams Town ? I live a couple of miles from Sams so if you need a place to hang out on Monday while the MH is in the shop, you’re welcome to come here. Carol

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for your kind offer but I think we better stay with the RV as some serious decisions will need to be made. But yes we are in the Las Vegas RV Resort on Nellis. I will contact you if we get stuck here for a few days.

  2. Al McClughan says:

    Like you folks, it’s been a year of RV issues, this spring a wheel came off our 5th wheel trailer on the way back from California (new axle was required because of the damage).

    We are also on our way south and our Winegard dish on the roof won’t find the Shaw sats, suspect it’s a bad LNB. It’s tough not to see Canadian news and programs but we can stream some stuff off the net. I need to find a Shaw LNB down here, there are some dealers in Tucson and Yuma.

    • contessa says:

      Ouch,sorry to hear about that RV issue. Actually Al, I think that your LNB is fine. Our friend from Ontario has the same problem with his Winegurard system. First off I suggest that you call Shaw ( of course don’t tell then that you are in the US ) and ask them to update your receiver with ALL of the new HD stations. They are still dribbling the changes. That might help. Also if you ask they will email you a list of the new channels, etc. I will put together some info for re what others are trying and forward it to you.

      There is a store in Quartzsite that has Shaw parts but they are out of LNB’s for another week. It is called Satellite Advantage. You can also order from

      • Al McClughan says:

        Hi Contessa, I contacted Shaw and I also got and email from wandering Willy who reads your blog and saw my post. Bottom line is that the channel changes that Shaw did causes the Winegard dish to look for a channel that doesn’t exist. Willy pointed me to a website that has a video of the update, it’s around $700 and consists of a new control box and an electronic module that sits in the base of the dish, you have to take the dish off and open up the base on the roof. In essence it’s a complete replacement of all the electronics on the unit.

        I want to “thank” Shaw for all of this! I hope this is of value to others who read the blog and have the Winegard dish. By the way, I on-line chatted with Shaw and the tech knew I was in the US.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Well I guess the positive is at least you finally got your dish 🙂 Honestly I don’t know what to say other than we are sending prayers your way that everything works out and you are on your way to Mexico soon with no more troubles.

    • contessa says:

      We took last evening off and most of today. Feeling more relaxed. Nothing we can about Monday. It will be what it will be.

  4. I guess the hardest part about the repairs is not knowing exactly what is wrong nor how much it might cost you 🙁 Glad you managed to get Shaw mostly sorted out.

    • contessa says:

      Oh we know how much it is going to cost, a huge amount if that is what the problem is. Yes Shaw is sorted so we don’t have to worry about that.

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