Oct 28, 2019

Made it to Vegas but where is the heat?

We actually made a full dinner last night ( not lox and creme cheese on croissants nor other quick dinners ).  Caesar salad and sloppy joes.

Well it was a cold night.  I got up at 7:30AM and it was 25F/-3.9C with a real feel of 12/-8.4C.  It certainly did feel like that real feel.  I checked on Ely and yes it did get down to-13F/-25C.  Glad that we dodged that bullet.

At the Alamo RV park this morning. Check out was at 12 noon as was the check out the Las Vegas RV park where are were checking in, so we were not in a rush to leave.

However we should have left earlier 😕  Just as we are getting ready to leave a skunk came by. Phew 🙁  We were finally driving by 10:20AM. It was a very short drive and only 105 miles.

We got to I15 and Loves’s at 11:30AM.

I thought it was Sunday and then remembered that today was Monday. Where is the traffic? In over twenty years of passing along here, I have never seen I15 so empty.

Ahh here is some congestion.

From that last photo you do a large loop in the opposite direction. The construction is complete and it looks wonderful. They have done a wonderful job with the landscaping  in between the loop.

A bit of congestion as our lane joins the main road.  Not a long wait at all and once on that road, it was smooth driving.  We were at the checkin area of the RV park by 12:10PM and set up by 1:15PM.

Once set up, we went back to the office to pick up our many boxes of Amazon orders.

Our new RV batteries were delivered about 40 minutes later.  Looks like our front window needs cleaning.  Any volunteers?

Someone asked about getting them installed here.  Sadly we need to change our existing battery tray for a new one that will fit the new batteries. That was also delivered today but we will wait until we get to Mexico and have our RV tech Erik install the tray and then add the batteries. Other than two days we will be  plugged into electricity so we should be all right.

Having said that, Las Vegas is at the beginning of a cold snap.  There is even a warning out about a freeze for Wednesday night until 10AM Thursday.  I sure hope that the Isla will have warmer temps this winter.

Shortly after arriving today Colin checked the engine coolant level.  It was empty 😯  That created some concern for him and stress for me.  Next up was a 50 minute phone call back to Freightliner in Kelowna. It could be bad, we could have water in the engine, but not likely. However Colin had just filled the reservoir last evening and it was empty today and we only drove 105 miles. Perhaps there is a leak but we have yet to see that or perhaps something is wrong with the valve.  So we will start with the small tests first.  Next week we drive to Lake Havasu to see Libby.  If we empty out that reservoir on that drive we will likely have to go to Mesa and Freitghtliner there.  Is it a small fix or do that have to take our engine apart?  My first impulse was to hop a plane back to Kelowna for the winter.  I was done.  After some (lots ) of wine I calmed down.  Likely it is a simple fix.  Similar to the next water leak problem Colin found and sorted out.  Maybe I am too sensitive this year but I am finding all these issues too much for me.  I need a vacation but it’s killing me to go through all of this to get to the Isla.

Next up was setting up our Shaw Direct dish.  Colin has always said that being level is the key.

We got 89% and new satellite or not we do have TV.  Perhaps our out of bounds dish is the answer.  We will have to check next in Lake Havasu but then we don’t set up again until the Isla.  Happy to have TV although it is not necessary to have it.

All is well, I have discovered two new lovely wines, well to me at least.  We have a lovely dinner in the oven.  Soon we will sitting with our feet up and enjoying dinner watching some show on TV.  Life goes on.  Thank for all our comments.  Too tired tonight to reply but I will in the morning.

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15 Responses to “Made it to Vegas but where is the heat?”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got to Vegas and ask set up with electricity. Hope you can getthise issues in your coach fixed up too.. That cold wether is not fun, Our fore cast calls for 30 CM of snow this friday.

    • contessa says:

      Wow almost 12 inches of snow!!! We are keeping warm with heaters and the furnace. We will look into Mr Buddy. Thanks for that information.

  2. SandyM says:

    What an adventure the trip to LV has been but you have stayed on top of the weather conditions and look where you are now and how much closer you are to the Isla. I say good job Contessa and Colin. I will continue to follow your trip and as always Traveling Mercies for the rest of the trip.

    • contessa says:

      Sandy, I can’t take much more adventure with RV issues but it is what it is. We will keep doing what we have to do. Sadly the weather here is going to plummet but at least the sun is shining.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Well that is a little worrisome about the coolant, I sure hope it’s an easy fix and you can enjoy some down time in Vegas … and that it warms up!

    • contessa says:

      We have some trip shopping and some RV part shopping to do and hope to spend a few meals out somewhere on the strip. Perhaps even hit a few casino machines. Still talking to various people about what to do about the coolant.

  4. Kathryn Tycho says:

    We’re in Coos Bay Oregon getting our new in July A/C compressor checked as it sounds like its failing and tomorrow new tires for the truck. Last year the truck was losing coolant like you and we got a new water pump in Phoenix…so if it helps…you are not alone! I do agree it all is getting old. Cold here too..down to freezing. Good luck.

    • contessa says:

      Yikes to your troubles. Funny I thought about you the other and how much easier this trip would be for you in terms of vehicle repairs. I hope that things work out for you quickly.Stay warm.

  5. Crap. I hope it is something simple. That is why I really have no urge to buy an RV, we have enough issues with our regular vehicles. When I go on vacation I like to get on a plane and it starts.

    • contessa says:

      I love to RV when everything goes right. So nice having my own bed and all the clothes I want etc. We have an appointment Monday morning to do some diagnostics @ $180.00US per hour.

  6. Linda and Russell says:

    Sorry for all your trials and tribulations. At least there is a light (or wine) at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!

  7. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    One great thing is your Concorde 6 volt batteries. My 4 Lifeline 12 volt Group 27 batteries lasted a whopping 15 years before giving up the ghost. Unfortunately we were not in the USA and after a lot of shopping around bought 4 Full River AGMs as I saved over $100 a battery.

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