Oct 02, 2019

Sudden change in the weather

We woke up to a surprise Saturday morning.  Snow up there on September 28th, certainly a rarity and likely a first for the time of year.

The cool weather stayed with us all weekend. Then the night of the 30th, it went down to -3C/26F!

We had our final salmon BBQ this year in those temperatures. It was the only night that Colin wasn’t working. Yes that is a huge piece of fish but it was the smallest that we could find.

We picked these tomatoes two days before it got so cold.  We picked up that colourful glass in Morano ( Venice ), Italy just two years ago.

Monday, September 30th, a new park home was delivered to friends on our street. The home had to make two turns. This was the first and we had to move our cars and the golf cart. Someone else ended up parking their cart on our lot as they got caught on the street.

The last turn was the tightest.  That white open area will have an add a room added to it on site.

That night before the frost we went and picked a bag of beets tops, the rest of the Swiss chard and the kale.  This is an entire new batch of tomatoes separate from the ones in the photo above.  We left many many more tomatoes on the vines.  I can’t believe how well our tomatoes have been doing.  I still have dozens of new bight yellow flowers on the plants.  Hopefully some of these greens ones will ripen.  We haven’t been back to the garden since Monday night so I have no idea if anything survived the frost.  We still have beets and carrots in the ground.

Colin is working towards his final deadline with photography but the weather is not cooperating.  Meanwhile I sit at my desk working on my Mexico lists as well as trying to wrap up the business as best I can until April.

Oops!! I must have bumped the small server table that we have our wine glasses on and this glass ( just a cheap one ) fell off. Had it been one of our better glasses there would have been hundreds of shattered pieces.

The next morning, October 1st and -3C.  Not a pretty sight.  Glad that we did not have to be out there scrapping our car windows.

There was a mist on the lake.  Can you see the bit of colour from the sunrise.

We had to go into Kelowna for a meeting. Such a change in the colour of the trees.  I wore my open toe shoes but with a pair of socks as well as a fleece shawl over my sweater.

We are ever so slowly starting to load things into the RV.  Looks like at least four guitars will be making the trip to Mexico.  Just the cases have made it to the RV thus far.  Colin is still playing at the end of every workday, which is why we often don’t eat until 9PM or later. However I am also working late. Tonight I am writing this post at 8:15PM.

We were very surprised to see this fellow out on the lake just before sunset, about 6:15PM.  It was 50F/10C with a breeze as you can see.  Very cool but he appeared to be dressed for the weather complete with a toque over his ears and gloves on his hands.

Our local online news station does a poll every now and then.  I was very surprised to see the results.  Only 27 have voted thus far.  Looking forward to seeing the results when we get into the thousands.  Do you get a flu shot?  We never have.

Up to 821 so very quickly.  This will be interesting.  I have always been against inoculating a bad substance into your body.

Thanks for sticking with me so far.  So happy to have you along reading my blog

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14 Responses to “Sudden change in the weather”

  1. George Yates says:

    Sucha change it the weather here as well ,no snow though is a good thing. No flu shots for us either, vitamin D does a better job according to some research.

    • contessa says:

      I take Vitamin D twice per day when I take a calcium supplement. Was told that the D helps the calcium absorption into my body. Never heard about it related tot he flu. Most interesting.

  2. SandyM says:

    Snow…..NO Thanks.
    Have you ever fried a green tomato? Easy…mix a bit of flour and corn meal or use all flour if you wish. Sauté in oil of choice until browned and soft. Sprinkle a little brown sugar on top right before removing from skillet; remove when sugar starts to melt. What a lovely sweet/tart taste you will experience. Tastes great this time of year.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    • contessa says:

      Never have tried a fried green tomato although I have heard about them. So I have to slice the tomato and dredge it thru the flour then saute? I will let you know if we do it. I will have to borrow some flour from a neighbour.

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Had a dust of snow and some frost here too…now it’s raining. I try to cut my perennial borders back before we leave and this year it’s all still growing. Planning to leave Oct 21st and be in Maz by the 5th of Nov. The canopy on the truck is already stuffed! It will be a different year.

    • contessa says:

      It has been quite the growing season. I’m sure that the truck will be jam packed with not an inch of space left.

  4. Yikes that’s cold! We’ve only gotten to plus 5 but due to our rains returning I took out my tomatoes and my windowsill looks much like yours 🙂

  5. Linda Sand says:

    I get a flu shot. I had a severe case of the flu at age 10 which kept me out of school for a full month and I never want to experience that again.

    • contessa says:

      We all have to do what is right for us. I have ever had the flu in my life nor do I know anyone who has had it.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Fortunately it hasn’t dropped that low here but there were a few mornings were I had to wear my boots on my walk instead of my flip flops 🙁 We never get flu shots.

  7. Dee Tillotson says:

    Our family has always gotten their flu shots because my siblings and I have had too many members of our family who have either died from the flu or acquired permanent disabilities because they went through a protracted recovery from the flu. Never got to meet my mother’s father because he was part of the flu pandemic of 1918 and left this world at age 23 when mom was 8 weeks old. The vaccines are better this year than before as you will be vaccinated for FOUR strains of the flu.

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