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Sep 18, 2019

Reservations for 2022!!

Went to the doctor today.  Unfortunately  my GP is away until mid November so I am having to deal with a locum MD.  Sort of like a substitute teacher, who is just filling in and no extra mental energy required.  I already knew more that what he had to add to my current medical situation. […]


Sep 17, 2019

Antico Pizza Napoletana

  This past Saturday Colin had to deliver a flash drive to a client and pick up a cheque. As we were already in the downtown area we decided to stop for dinner.  We have been hearing about this fabulous restaurant for close to two years.  So why not stop and try it? Thank you […]


Sep 15, 2019

I’m still here

Life has taken over my life 🙄  Once our company left I took a few days off.  We then had a few serious and time consuming matters  to deal with which I for the most part completed today. I will also admit that I am having a health issue that I am not ready to […]


Sep 07, 2019

A final happy hour

We had a quiet day today mostly working on our computers.  Later I had a long lovely bath with a glass of wine and started a new book.  Meanwhile Colin played.  We didn’t get much free time Friday as Colin did a dusk shoot and I worked on something at my desk.  Before it got […]


Sep 06, 2019

Life goes on….

…..we certainly seem to be going day and night.  Today Friday ( in real time ) is our sixth happy hour/outing in a row 😉  This post is about number four and five Wednesday & Thursday. Colin had an all day home shoot and the weather was perfect.  We were invited to join the home […]


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