Sep 24, 2019

My final Edmonton notes…

I have to mention how shocked I am that gas prices are so very different just one province over.  We are paying 139.9 per litre, while in Edmonton I saw prices as low as 88.5 per litre and prices as high as 105.9 per litre.  At least there you have the opportunity to shop around.

We were not as impressed with our hotel, the Varscona on Whyte, this time around. We have been going there for several years now on an annual basis.  One issue was that they have changed the included wine and cheese from a small and intimate affair with a wonderful selection of cheeses and fruits to inside the attached restaurant.  There it is the same wine choice of white or red for the entire month as opposed to a new selection every day.  Plus we used to get a good half glass pour, now there is a very stingy 2 -3 ounce pour that varies from glass to glass as I observed.  The main fellow in the restaurant was rather rude and arrogant.  Then of course the presentation of the two dull cheeses cubed and thrown on a plate, left much to be desired not to mention the cheap crackers.  The wine and cheese used to be over 100% and now is down to 15% or less.  It was cool while we were in Edmonton, both inside and outside.  I never warmed up the entire 3.5 days that we were there.  Surprisingly the heat in the hotel was not yet turned on. The desk staff appeared busy and distracted.  We did not feel welcome, nor did anyone appear to care if we had a problem. Well not quite true, the few older staff members that I have come to know over the years were friendly.  Fortunately after complaining a few times we were able to get an electric heater brought to our room.  I am seriously contemplating an Airbnb for the next visit.

I will say that the included breakfast remains 100% wonderful.  After breakfast Saturday morning we headed up the street for our second and final chiropractic treatment of this trip. Dr. McKenna is so very professional and on point with what he does.  We did a bit of a walk after our treatment before stopping to shop.

Many of you who have heard over and over about my abhorrence of closed toe shoes will be happy.  After 90 minutes of TLC from the manager of Sole Experience I was fitted with the perfect pair of running shoes.  Not that I plan to do any running but walking will be just fine.  They fit, I have room for my toes and know how to lace them up for the ultimate comfort so that my feet do not feel claustrophobic.  No one else has ever spent so much time with me nor explained the proper fitting of runners.  Tammy was an angel and my feet are so very happy.  It might take a year to break them in but so far so good.  I wore them here in the house for three hours yesterday and am doing the same today.  If I find that they don’t work out I can return them along with the very special ‘Sole’ orthotics that they sell as an insert.  It molds to your foot over time.  Suddenly my future looks much brighter.  I’m certain that I will be walking that new ‘Rail Trail’ one day soon. Worth every penny.  Plus I really need these for my October 2020 trip.  Nothing like planning ahead.

We dropped off the runners along with another bottle of water at the hotel and then just headed back out for a walk with no direction or destination in mind.  I love the building art in this city.

Eventually we ended up at the Farmers Market.  Earlier in the morning someone had stopped us and asked us the directions to this market.  I was only able to wave in the general direction and later we just happened upon it.  Wow, this place is huge and so very perfect in every way.  We tasted salsa, pesto, cheeses, shrimp, peanut brittle, a new variety of pear and something else really yummy that I can’t remember and even some berry wine. The latter was not a favourite.  Truly a delightful place with lots of light, energy and a few musicians. If we had our RV there I would have filled the fridge.

First time that I have seen Brussel sprouts sold by the stick.

How fun.  All grown naturally.  I wonder if they all taste the same or ?

This city is alive with electric scooters.  They are everywhere, the other brand is called Lime and are that bright colour. It was the perfect sunny fall day for walking and exploring.  Sadly we had to head back and get ready to meet friends for dinner.

You might remember Jan & Paul, they visited us mid July in their RV.  Paul is one of the top, if not the top, photographer in Edmonton, so he and Colin always have lots to talk about.  Jan and I are on the same page with wine and travel.  We have so much fun with these two.

We dined at Cafe Amore Bistro, a lovely Italian place.  Our waiter was hilarious and somehow the four of us and he hit it off and it was literally a ‘ barrel of laughs ‘. We were served our meals and Colin got just the one ravioli  in reference to some joke he had made.  I can’t remember ever having so much fun with a waiter.

I love cheese but this four cheese penne was over the top. Beyond delicious. I plan on going back.  That blue colour is from the overhead lights.

The evening ended too soon but we did have to go back to our hotel and pack.  Sunday morning came early enough and after another wonderful breakfast at the hotel we caught the Sky Shuttle to the airport.  It was wonderful to watch the golden leaves as we drove.  Fall is later here so I get to see it all again.

The shuttle only goes once per hour so we checked in rather early for our flight but because of our free priority passes through our Visa card we passed two very pleasant hours in the lounge.  In fact we were two of the last six people to board the flight and as we had aisle seats across from each other we did not disturb anyone.

We had a good flight home and had a friend pick us up.  Sadly we came home to cool weather and heavy rain.  Fall is most definitely here.  The good news is that today and tomorrow are sunny ( more or less ) and Colin is getting the last of his jobs completed.  I am feeing better, I only had one incident while in Edmonton and was able to stop a second, so I consider that progress.  I believe that my supplements are helping.  Now do I start to decrease them or wait a full month before I start to do so?  No matter I plan to being the full amount with me to Mexico as I can’t get them there.  I am starting to feel confident that I might have a hold of this situation.




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  1. livingrichonthecheap says:

    So glad you are feeling better. Fall is here on the island too – lots of leaves turning and so much bloody rain. The weather is looking better for our trip to Salt Spring Island though. Good shoes are priceless – just like good bras 🙂

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    So happy to hear you are starting to feel better 🙂 My feet get claustrophobic as well which is why I only wear flip flops, other than when we are doing a serious hike and then I wear my hiking boots. Yes there is slight taste variations in the different colour cauliflower. After a discussion with Sylvia, on our way out to your place, I bought three different colours at the farmers market in Kelowna and made a really pretty salad out of it. They also retain their colours even if you steam them all together in one pot.

    • Contessa says:

      I didn’t know that you have claustrophobic feet as well. I am up to wearing them inside for 4 hours now. That is pretty amazing for me. I think I am ready to decided not to return them and to tart wearing them outside. Thanks for the cauliflower update.

    • Rod & Sylvia says:

      Ms Maxx beat me to the story. The various Cauliflower make a very colourful salad or side dish, and are all slightly different in flavour.

      We are glad you are doing better.

  3. SandyM says:

    Those cauliflowers look so good – wondered if they retained their color when cooked.
    Sandals year round for me and no flip-flops – they hurt!

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    Great looking sneakers; they also look light weight with good ventilation, too; AND a beautiful blue–very feminine!

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Dee. For some reason I think that they look clunky but I think that that is because I am not used to wearing so much a shoe. I like that open weave part. I wore them for 4.5 hours yesterday and my feet did not get hot nor felt claustrophobic but I was happy to take them off.

  5. Paul Walker says:

    it is always so nice to see you and Colin! Thank you for the great laughs and the good times! Can’t wait to see you both again!

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