Sep 07, 2019

A final happy hour

Last evening we went over to see Penny and Croft for a final happy hour.

I think that they have had a laid back week with more relaxation.

They have been to a few wineries on their own.  Last night they gifted me with a lovely original hand painted wine glass.  The dragon flies are painted in my favourite teal colour.  Penny picked that up from all of the teal accents in our home.  Colin and I were presented with a lovey bottle of Cedar Creek Pinot Gris. Thank you both yet again.

There are two smaller fires burning not too far away here in the valley.  I was able to catch the drift of smoke at sunset last night.

We had a quiet day today mostly working on our computers.  Later I had a long lovely bath with a glass of wine and started a new book.  Meanwhile Colin played.  We didn’t get much free time Friday as Colin did a dusk shoot and I worked on something at my desk.  Before it got dark which is happening much earlier, we went to water the garden. On the way back we stopped for a final adios and hugs.   We came home with beets, beet tops, sweet carrots, tomatoes and Swiss chard.  Quite the haul. We still have three cucumbers in the fridge.  Just about to have a very good fresh veggie dinner with some baked cod.  We are going to miss Croft and Penny when they leave tomorrow, Sunday morning 🙁

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  1. George Yates says:

    So nice that you had a good visit with Croft and Penny, a final happy hour and now they can carry on and enjoy more fun travels.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    I love the wine glass!

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