Sep 06, 2019

Life goes on….

…..we certainly seem to be going day and night.  Today Friday ( in real time ) is our sixth happy hour/outing in a row 😉  This post is about number four and five Wednesday & Thursday. Colin had an all day home shoot and the weather was perfect.  We were invited to join the home owner/developer for a happy hour on Thursday ( yesterday ).  I have no photos of that as I was so enjoying viewing the home. Colin has not had a chance to edit his photos as the jobs are coming in day after day. Why do they wait until we on on the verge of heading south 8-O?  From my point of view, you will love this home’s bathtub photos. Once they are ready I will put them here on my blog.

I was so enthralled with the home ( it featured my favourite colours ), guess what they are ? Photos coming soon.  On the way home we saw fuel for sale @ 128.9 in Summerland.  At home we were paying 1.34, so of course we stopped and filled up.  With our  Petro-Canada card we saved 9 cents per litre.  The savings all add up.

Saw this on the bridge as we headed back to Kelowna.

Who travels with instruments not to mention a computer sound board in the back of a pick up?  The cymbals were flying.  We could barely keep up to his speed.

We have a favourite Chinese restaurant  here in Kelowna, the Mekong.  We usually eat there once or twice per year.  This is the first time in two years that it worked out that we were able to stop for dinner. Never expected to include so many food shots but every bite was over the top.

Deep fired jumbo prawns. Served with plum sauce, excellent.

Coconut Curry Chowmein.

Chop Suey with black bean sauce.

Spicy deep fried  tofu cubes stir fried in spicy chilli garlic sauce with onions and broccoli.  Hot and spicy!!

Can you guess which was my fortune vs Colin’s?



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  1. So glad Colin is finally able to have a good summer to shoot the pictures. Our gas here is 1.32, Nanaimo is generally about 5 cents more, north of Campbell river it is 10 cents more :(.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    You guys sure have been busy, but it sounds like you have been having fun as well 🙂 We are excited because we have been getting diesel for $1.199 a litre for the past month in Kelowna!

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