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Sep 27, 2019

I killed my iPhone

What a week it has been!  Colin had been working as fast as he could and then the weather shifted back to rain showers. This past Tuesday after as 12 hour day at my desk, I am still trying to catch up, I decided to have a long soak in the bathtub with a book […]


Sep 24, 2019

My final Edmonton notes…

I have to mention how shocked I am that gas prices are so very different just one province over.  We are paying 139.9 per litre, while in Edmonton I saw prices as low as 88.5 per litre and prices as high as 105.9 per litre.  At least there you have the opportunity to shop around. […]


Sep 23, 2019

Back home but oh so much more to share from our trip

We returned home Sunday afternoon but I was too weary to complete my Edmonton post.  So here goes. The theatre was constructed in 1914 and more details can be found here. I took the photo above the next day as it was dusk when we arrived Friday evening. Next stop was where else but back […]


Sep 21, 2019

Our first 24 hours here in Edmonton

Got checked into our room but had to go back down to the desk and change rooms.  Long story, but the only other available room in the entire hotel was fine. We got unpacked, went out and bought water as the water in Edmonton has fluoride which we avoid.  You can Google the negative effects […]


Sep 19, 2019

We are leaving on a jet plane

Colin and I are sitting here at the airport waiting for our flight to board.  We are jetting off to Edmonton to see the chiropractor for my annual visit.  At the same time we will be seeing friends every day. For the first time ever we are flying on Flair Air, one of Canada’s new […]


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