Aug 25, 2019

So how was your weekend & the end of the corn story

Last Tuesday were coming back from a walk and visit to our garden when we came across Peter from Black Mountain Sunrooms.  He was doing a repair for a neighbour up the street.  It was at least 30C/86F.  Peter helped build our add a room ( half of our home ) back in 2012.  He has always wanted a pith helmet like Colin’s and said that he has searched everywhere.  We went home and Colin got his extra hat and we went back and gifted it to Peter. Pete has done so much to help us with our home that it was a pleasure to be able to do something for him. I noted that he wore it all the time he was doing the repair.  The sun was intense that day.

We still had lovely weather on Wednesday when I caught this couple and their dog out on the lake.

Thursday was our annual dental clean and check up day. Colin went in early in the morning and stopped to pick up some Timbits for the dentist and his staff.  He came back home with some freshly laid free range eggs.  That white egg is is from our fridge to show the difference  between a large size egg and what we got from the dentist.

The size of our tomatoes on Friday at the garden. They are out of control.  They are now shading the kale and Swiss chard.  Thinking about cutting them back.

We woke up to very very cool temperatures on Friday. We gave up and turned on the fireplace.  I know, crazy for August 23rd.  So happy to have the heat.

Saturday we were trying to get out Samsung Smart TV hooked up to our wifi so that we could watch a Cineplex movie rental.  Only took close to 5 hours including four calls to Cineplex, Samsung and Shaw ( internet provider ) twice.  No one could help us but Colin eventually figured it out. Samsung told us to buy a new TV!  We were able to watch a lovely movie with dinner later in the evening.

Then we went with the corn experiment. Five minutes in the microwave was not enough, we added two more.

It was a bit of a struggle at first to get the cob moving.

Bit by bit.

I felt like we were delivering a baby.

This second one took bit more effort.  But they did come out clean much to my amazement, no muss and little fuss.  The corn tasted the same.  Colin loves it as he was the one having to remove the husk and silk prior to wrapping in saran wrap and cooking.

Thank you blog readers.  You always come through 😛



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16 Responses to “So how was your weekend & the end of the corn story”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you gifted that pith helmet I have one and enjoy wearing it usually when mowing the lawn here, We fired up our Blue flame heater this morning as well to take the chill off. We seldom have enjoy power to run our microwave, so just soak the corn and grill on the BBQ, works well for us.

  2. SandyM says:

    Corn looks good – did you remove any of the extra outer husk from the cobs before cooking in micro?

  3. Suzanne says:

    I am glad the “birthing” trick worked for you. When I have trouble getting the corn out, I usually cut off another half inch from the bottom, as it is easiest when cut at the widest part of the base.

  4. Holy out of control tomatoes! I cut mine back Saturday but yours are jungle like 🙂 Never heard the trick with the corn, I don’t mind boiling them. We are thinking of adding a sunroom to our home to expand it, haven’t looked into it yet though

    • contessa says:

      This is way easier than boiling the corn and having to clean a pot, not to mention quicker and likely less electricity involved. Ohh the sunroom sounds interesting. You have all winter to research.

  5. Linda says:

    Corn microwaved in the husk prefers 4 minutes per ear–so 8 minutes if you are cooking two ears. To “unwrap” it, grab it by the silks and husks (be careful not to grab the cob) and shake it vertically–let gravity do the work. The corn usually slides right out. I love not having to peel silks!

  6. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    I microwave my corn like that. I take a few husks off after cutting. 5 mins for 2 cobs. Leave in microwave for a couple mins. Sit outside microwave for mins or so p, then “birth the baby”.
    Always works and yummy.

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    My tomatoes are tall but I don’t have as many as you … those are crazy tomatoes you have!

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