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Aug 31, 2019

Yoga on a paddle board!

So yesterday just before dusk, Colin was playing his guitar and looking out on the lake when…..    


Aug 29, 2019

A fall and other things

We did a few errands in town on Tuesday and the last one was at Costco.  We were almost done, I parked the buggy to the side and turned to my left and started to walk forward.  Next thing I knew I was on the ground on my right side.  There was nothing for me […]


Aug 26, 2019

Pat on my back!

It really should have been more but I am happy with this…..


Aug 25, 2019

So how was your weekend & the end of the corn story

Saturday we were trying to get out Samsung Smart TV hooked up to our wifi so that we could watch a Cineplex movie rental.  Only took close to 5 hours including four calls to Cineplex, Samsung and Shaw ( internet provider ) twice.  No one could help us but Colin eventually figured it out. Samsung […]


Aug 22, 2019

Oh, Oh, what is in my mouth?

Last night ( Wednesday ) I made one of our special home cooked meals.  Colin had done a job in Vernon on Monday evening and came across a roadside booth selling sweet Chilliwack corn. Of course he purchased half a dozen.  It is the best corn that you can find here in B.C. and we […]


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