Jul 31, 2019

Final fun with friends and a trip into Kelowna

Brad, Abby and Finn came for a final paddle at the end of the day Monday.

Happy campers.

Last evening we celebrated their final night with dinner at the Italian Kitchen. The same restaurant here in the park that Colin and I had gone to for our wedding anniversary.

Yeah, Colin got into the shot as well.

Everyone loved their meals.  Tuesday night is pasta night and you get a choice of a $13.00 meal or a $16.00 plate based on which type of pasta you order. This is Colin’s linguine with scallops and prawns for $16.00 which is normally $27.00.  I had the $13.00 penne with broccoli, spinach and pine nuts in a light cream sauce covered with feta, normal price of $22.00  Certainly a great value for the price and excellent cuisine.

We had some papers to sign this morning and headed into Kelowna. Wow, so much construction. I was surprised to see this entire block of homes boarded up and being moved or destroyed.

By this time next year there will be an ugly apartment building here.  I remember how all these homes had beautiful yards and gardens.

After we had signed our documents we stopped at Blue Sky Clothing on Bernard where I was looking for a particular long sleeved bamboo sweater with pockets, just like my friend Inger has. Sadly it has been discontinued but the staff never gave up and after about 15 minutes they found one at a Vancouver store and are having it shipped here.  Perfect. Loved their sign at the till.

A parting shot of Odie swimming with the ducks last Friday.

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14 Responses to “Final fun with friends and a trip into Kelowna”

  1. Kelly Florence says:

    It looks like your company really enjoyed their visit including Odie.
    I’ve had a couple of Bamboo pieces of clothing and I really liked them.

    • contessa says:

      Bamboo is the way to go. Never too hot or not warm enough and so easy to pack. I have the one sweater, a pair of capris and a pair of long dress pants, all in black. Oh I forgot, I also have one mid calf skirt. Perfect to travel with, just add a variety of tops.

  2. George Yates says:

    What a fun last day there with your friends and a tasty meal to wind down.

    • contessa says:

      It was a fun day. I suspect that we will be seeing them again next year. We really enjoyed the pasta meals and will try and get there a few times per month.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Tuesday night at Italian Kitchen sounds like a great place for us to meet up some time!

  4. You place looks like a vacation destination with the lake at your doorstep and the nice view. I bet your visitors had a great time and even the restaurant with their delicious looking meals reminded me of eateries in Italy. Never had any Bamboo clothing, have to look for some.

    • contessa says:

      What a lovely comment Marlene. We do love our home here on the lake. What I like is that we can provide discounted RV sites or condo for our guests. I think you would like the bamboo clothing. Try Googling it in your area.

  5. Dee Tillotson says:

    Also agree on the bamboo sweater, but only have two pieces, a tee shirt and a shawl sweater purchased from Barefoot Dreams in California about two years ago. I wash them on the gentle cycle and lay them flat to dry. The sweater is great on long air flights; don’t need a blanket with plane air conditioning; just snuggle into the front shawl portion of the soft sweater. If you get a chance, ask Colin if he will take a photo of you in your new sweater.

    • contessa says:

      Dee, how lovely to hear form you. It has been a while, hope that all is well. I will make a point of getting a photo of the sweater for you.

  6. Paul Walker says:

    Contessa, we had such a great time with you and Colin! Can’t stop smiling from our memories!
    Thank you for the great hospitality! You are our friends for life!

    • contessa says:

      Glad to see that you made it home safely. We loved having you here and I know that we will see each other over the years. Just waiting for you both to retire so we can get you down to the Isla.

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