Jun 28, 2019

Our garden was a priority

Last year we planted our first ever garden on April 28th and came home from our four week trip to Europe to a mess of weeds.  This year we decided to plant our tomatoes in pots the beginning of May to help get them established.  We also had one cucumber plant.  The plan was to transplant them into our garden once we got back.

This was at about 13 days in these pots.  We did not want to spend any money on pots so used what we could find.

They were pretty tiny when we left.  The cucumber is in the front middle pot.

The person looking after our home, kept our plants at her place so that she could check them every day. They certainly have grown in six weeks.  We never expected them to get so large.

Colin went over to the gardens without me and what a mess.  A weed had poked its way through the tarp and other weeds totally invaded our area and covered our fencing.  Colin had to throw out our plastic fencing.  Later I was able to pull the weeds off the metal fencing.  Apparently there was a good deal of heat followed by rain and then more sunshine  and both the gardens and weeds grew quickly.

Our garden was supposed to have been rototilled while we were away but our landscaper was too busy and was only able to do it until early Monday morning, about 36 hours after we got back. The day prior Colin had gone to prepare the garden area which is when he found the area overgrown by weeds.

Some of the gardeners actually spotted the painted turtle come here ( a very long distance from the lake ) to lay her eggs.  It took quite a bit of time for her to first dig the holes and then lay the eggs.  She chose a very a bad location but we are all doing the best we can to protect her nest.  Our garden plot is the closest to her eggs.

Obviously we have some serious garden work to do.

We have had a lot of unsettled weather since we have been home.

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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Happy gardening! We are already eating lettuce, onions, radishes, herbs, and potatoes from ours. My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing nicely as well. Hopefully you will have a bounty soon 🙂

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