Jun 20, 2019

Lisbon from high up

Yesterday, Wednesday, turned out to be much better weather than the forecast.

These photos are from Colin’s early morning walkabout about.

He really does like these trams.

There are many elevators and escalators to help get up and down the hills here in Lisbon. Some are free as are the ones up to the castle while most of the others are covered by a transit pass. We purchased a 24 hour pass for 6EUR/6.78USD/8.95CAD which is good for exactly 24 hours from when it is first validated.  We started out walking and somehow missed the first elevator but I managed to hoof it to the second elevator. Colin says that I am much stronger than from when I started this trip and faster as well. However by the end of the day yesterday I could feel the back of my calves and the front of my thighs.

From the top of the second elevator there is a lovely terrace with a restaurant to sit and enjoy the views or to simply snap some photos. From there you have a few gently slopping streets to climb to get to the entrance of Castelo de S Jorge, a National Monument.  Fee for seniors is 8.5 Euro each. There were no English information pamphlets but upon asking they reached under the counter and gave us one. It has a great deal of important information and a map. We had no idea that the castle and grounds were so large.

A panoramic view from the castle.

From the arrow and three windows to the right are our French door windows.

A part of the castle wall, with what looks to me, defensive slots in the wall.

That is Colin up there waving to me, I chose not to climb the extra stairs and to take a rest.

Taken from that one level up. Colin also climbed to the top of the tower

The Moors built the fortification in the mid – 11th century. During the 12th century came the transition from the Moorish to the Christian world. From there over the centuries it has been a royal residence, a military barracks, a military garrison and was last restored from 1938 – 1940. There is a lot of see as well as some archaeological ruins but its main glory are the stunning views. However it can be dangerous due to the 2-4 inch differences in height between each stone.  With my track record I was extremely careful. In fact I only tripped once yesterday and easily caught myself. I do spend a good deal of my time hanging onto Colin this trip due to all the uneven terrain.

As we were heading down to leave we came upon a wonderful surprise. Some baby birds.

Peacock chicks.

First time I have ever seen peachicks.

After a few hours we came back down the same way passing all the tourist restaurants until we found a very tiny place on a side street. Colin had spotted a cork shop ( Portugal is known for its cork products) right next door. Once we ordered he went to check it out. He was gone a long time and I began to enjoy another nice Portuguese wine. I haven’t tasted a bad one yet, even those at less than two Euro per bottle.

Guess what he bought?

Lovely lunch. Almost the best melt in your mouth salmon ever.

Later we both went into the cork shop together and somehow even though I did not need anything, I was talked into purchasing a pair of cork shoes and an extremely light weight bag. What cinched the deal was the 10% I got off for tax free spending.

More walking and we came to Tram 12, another famous tram route around the very narrow streets of Alfama. This time we got to stay on round trip.

Colin saw this guitar in a window as we passed. Of course he wanted it but we never did get back there. Thank goodness.

Traffic jam along the Tram 12 route.  At one point we passed a live classical guitar concert that was being broadcast speaker after speaker along the tram route we were on.  How very very special, to be able to listen to this concert, as we passed through the area.

The following photos were taken as we traveled this tram route.

Best sunset I have been able to get.

Colin is down there on the left, between the hotel sign on the road and the turquoise colored taxi cab.  He truly is my hero as well as mi amore.

Again we had a full walking day.  By the time I caught up on emails and started the blog neither of us felt like going out for a large meal as lunch had been very filling. So Colin went out to pick us up something light for dinner.  Only one more day left before we start our two days of flying to get home. That in itself promises to be another adventure. But before that we will have another day here in Lisbon to share with you.

This is a bit late as I forgot to publish it.





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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Sounds like another fun day 🙂 I wanted to see a picture of your cork purse, but I do love the sandals.

  2. Catheline says:

    Love Colin’s new hat, it suits him great. What material is it made of? I should tell you how much I love all your hats, the way they do up in the back and have such a large peak.


  3. George Yates says:

    Nice hat Colin has, and love all your photos, you sure keep yourselves busy.

  4. Lisbon is such a neat city – I know I will end up back there one day. We stayed in a business hotel about $100 a night – took the metro every day to the sites. Absolutely loved it.

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