Jun 03, 2019

Our last day in Cordoba

We are at almost the halfway point of our trip and the days are beginning to blur together.  So much to see and so little time.  We did a free walking tour on Monday, June 2nd.  It was interesting and we saw some things that we would have missed on our own.  However the tour guide had poor English and we all spent most of the time trying t0 figure out what she was trying to say.

Before I show you the photos I just wanted to share a few general thoughts that we have been discussing.  There are no bugs here in Spain, no ants, no flies and no mosquitoes.  It’s a pleasant change.  Both Toledo and Cordoba are very clean, no litter in the street and no dog mess.  There is no honking of horns, people just sit quietly while the car in front offloads groceries or whatever.  I mentioned before that the women tend to dress up however they are also smoking much more than the men.

After our tour we had lunch and then later went to visit the Mezquita – Cathedral.  It is the only Muslin and Catholic church combined in the world.  I am not going to share all of the history with you but please click here to get a good idea about the que pasa of it all.  It truly is an amazing place starting in the mid 6th century with the Christian period and the Muslin period began in the 9th century until mid 12th century when the Christians took control again, promising not to destroy the Islamic structure but to combine the two.  It was declared a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO.

We already had a full day and needed to pack and have dinner, so we chose to simply walk through this amazing place without an audio guide. We still stayed for a few hours.  I have to admit that I have not been feeling well this past week. I had a two day cold on the cruise ship which came back in Madrid and I have had trouble shaking it. It has moved into my chest and I got some medication from a pharmacy which has helped. I just don’t have much energy but I am pushing myself to see the major sites.  For the first time in my life my appetite has disappeared. I am hoping that I will be better in a few days. Colin has started going out exploring on his own, letting me rest for an hour here and there and I am happy that he is doing that as I don’t feel guilty for holding him back. I am sorry that I don’t have the energy to add more to each of the photos but they still portray the city of Cordoba.

Our tapa lunch was lettuce bibs but really more like small romaine hearts with smoked salmon on top, a cold baby potato dish and a piece of Spanish omelet.

Puerto del Puente and the Puente Romano.

Yet another gate to enter the ancient city.

The Mosque – Cathedral on the left.

I love this shot, the Islamic arches just go on and on.

The previous photo was a Muslim influence while this is obviously Christian.

I was starting to fade here. So much more to see. The Cathedral portion was built in the middle of the Mosque.  It is a living building, one that has been transformed by men from different cultures and religions throughout history. The Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba is truly a unique beauty, a work of art and open for all to see.

This gold covered monstrance is not as elaborate as the one in the Toledo Catedral but still most impressive.

So much detail.

Once we left the Mosque – Cathedral we picked up something to eat later in the apartment, showered, packed and were ready to head off to our next destination in the morning.  For our train and bus trips in the next few weeks, I booked as far in advance as I could and got some great deals for seniors.  For instance we are taking the bus to our next destination which is almost 3 hours aways and I am only paying 10.6 Euro each.

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9 Responses to “Our last day in Cordoba”

  1. Jannose says:

    Looks like an interesting trip. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Carol Ann says:

    Such a beautiful place! I love “travelling” with you 🙂

  3. The pictures have all been wonderful and colourful.
    Especially nice to see the locals in their festive garbs.
    Hope you are feeling better before your next stop.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Your pictures are beautiful, I love the one of the buildings with the blue flower pots. I sure hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    I personally would find the whole trip exhausting and am not surprised that you are “fading” by the end of the day. Just a thought but maybe next year you should see less and stay longer at each destination. More relaxing and easier on the body! Get well. Lovely pictures.

  6. We also went to the mosque/Cathedral on our own. Such a magnificent combination of religious art/architecture.

  7. Catheline says:

    Contessa, your posts are wonderful. I’m praying that your health returns so you can enjoy your adventure fulheartedly.

    All my best,

  8. Dolores says:

    Those pics, the church is just beautiful!
    Hope u r feeling better…. It is terrible to be I’ll away from home and not in your comforting surrounding

  9. Chuck says:

    Glad to see your blog on your travels.
    We spent two weeks in Spain last year, visiting much of Northern Spain tracing my DNA . Actually the town of Escalante which has been there for ever was our main focal point..
    That Spanish omelette is called a tortilla in Spain. Such a different culture than Mexico.
    Southern Italy and Greek Islands is are plan for next year.
    Have fun!

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