May 30, 2019

Last full day in Madrid

There was so much that we could do on our last day here in Madrid but mostly we wanted to simply walk the streets and get a feel for the place.  The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million.  The only thing we had to do was a dry run via the metro to the train station as we would be lugging our luggage with us.  Because of the increased traffic in the city due to the Champions League final and the one way streets we were advised to not even think about taking a taxi.

We found Km 0 which  sets the zero kilometer point, from where the six national roads or motorways A-1 to A-6, of Spain, start. Also from here  the numbering of the streets of Madrid begin, being the lowest numbers of each street, those that are closest to Km 0.

Madrid is known for its ham. They even have jamon museums.

Cute advertising.

Sadly more and more is being surrounded by barriers every day.  They are now starting to put port a potties along the pedestrian street we live on.

So we made it to the train station but it required the help of a few people.  This is the first metro station in all of my and our travels that has stumped me.  We had trouble figuring out how to get a ticket out of the machine for just the one leg of a trip, from our metro station to the metro station for the train station.  Finally got the ticket but we had to pay 2.5 Euro just for the card to place the fare on.  I thought that 5.5 Euro was a lot to take the metro four stops.  We then had to figure out how to change from the metro to the train station, all the while lugging suitcases.  Done.  Last was to find where our departure point was.  All this took over an hour,, it was a long walk between the two.  So glad that we did it as we would have likely missed our train the next morning.  Turns out that I screwed up when I had the idea to load the same trip onto our metro card so we would not have to do it in the morning. In real time, this morning, it would not work.  Turns out it is only valid for the day. you had the trip even if you don’t use it.  So we lost 3 Euro.  It then took us a longtime to reload the fare for this morning.

Exterior of the train station.

One area has a beautiful garden area to relax in.  Sadly the photo did not pick up the crystal ceiling nor the intricate brick work of the walls.  There are several restaurants in this area.

So back to yesterday and our walkabout.  Here our some photos just of what we saw.  By the way I found a 5 Euro note jut laying on the street.  It pays to look down.  Yes I am being very careful with almost every step.  I have only had two tiny stumbles.

It seems that there is great architecture everywhere one looks.  We were looking for a particular place to take a view photo but it was all uphill.  We were hungry and wanted lunch but did not want to stop in one of the fast food places.  Finally we found a Mom & Pop well worn small restaurant.  The food and wine were great.  Now we are ready to keep trekking  along.  There are few direct routes and mostly it is go down or up one street and do a jog to left or right for a block and then go straight again.  You really need a map.  Ww have also been using the free app MAPS.ME, a detailed offline navigation system.  Colin had downloaded all of our destinations before we left home.

It seemed to take forever but we finally found Circulo de Bellas Artes.  We were shocked to discover that we had to pay 4 Euro each to go up the elevator.  However once at the top we found out that we were not obliged to order a hight priced drink so we simply enjoyed the views and then left.

We walked along Gran Via for a bit before ducking off and encountering a good deal of road construction.

Finally back to the quiet side streets.

We stopped here for a very reasonably priced glass of wine with a large pour.

Interesting rental except this fellow was hot and was perspired profusely and was stuck in traffic.

I think it was close to 6PM when we got back to our street. Lots of people out strolling.

Once back at our apartment we did some organizing and packing.  Finally about 10PM we started out for dinner by just walking until we found something.

We ended up here, apparently the best Italian restaurant in all of Madrid.  However we had a 30 minute wait but we ended up with the table on the left.  Best red wine Colin has ever had.

By now I was exhausted ( it was a 16,000 plus step day )  and I did more packing and was  preparing for bed while Colin serenaded the folks in the street below.  I doubt that anyone heard a note as there is so much noise out there.

So ends our time here in Madrid.  The next post will feature our new destination.






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  1. Spain is on our list for the next year. Disappointing not to see the food pic from the mom and pop restaurant 🙂

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Wow, great pics! Smart move on doing a dry run to the train station.

  3. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got the metro and train systems figured out.That map’s me program sure does come in handy nice to see you making good use off it. Continue to enjoy your travels.

  4. Looks like you got great weather in Madrid! Hmmm, where to next? Costa Del Sol?

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