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May 31, 2019

Toledo, Spain

Our next stop on this grand adventure was Toledo, Spain.   It is not pronounced like Toledo,Ohio, the e is an eh, something like To Leh Do.  The quick 32 minute ride on a luxurious train was much faster than our trek from the apartment to the Atocha Renfe station of which a few photos were […]


May 30, 2019

Last full day in Madrid

There was so much that we could do on our last day here in Madrid but mostly we wanted to simply walk the streets and get a feel for the place.  The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million.  The only thing we had to do was a dry […]


May 29, 2019

First full day in Madrid

Tuesday, May 28th, was our first full day here in Madrid.  We love our neighborhood as it is within walking distance from anywhere we would want to visit.  Our Airbnb, complete with photos, can be found here by clicking this link.  The host is very customer orientated.  He is also very high tech with smart […]


May 28, 2019

From cruising to flying

For some reason I was awake at  515 AM and could not go back to sleep.  We didn’t get to bed until just before 12:30AM and the alarm was not set to go off until 6:30AM.   We had an 8:00AM rendezvous in the restaurant but not to eat.  Anyone who had a flight before […]


May 27, 2019

Kusadasi, Turkey

We were only in Turkey from 10AM until 4:40PM.  Again a free half day tour to Ancient Ephesus and yet again we chose to do our own thing.  We walked from the ship to old town which is also a pedestrian only area.  I soon got tired of being politely asked into a shop over […]


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