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Mar 31, 2019

Yet another long travel day

But first lets start with a photo taken just as dinner was about to be served last evening.  


Mar 30, 2019

A long day that became even longer

So we drove 435 miles today and arrived here about 45 minutes earlier than last year.  However this year we have a battery issue.  We just became aware of this once we arrived.  Not quite sure what it is but is appears to be related to our six volt batteries.  Perhaps we need new ones. […]


Mar 29, 2019

Time for us snowbirds to head north

We checked into the Valley View RV Park in Ely about 4:30PM.  Cold is the word.  Low tonight is 22F/-6C.    Already 33F when we arrived.  We were both shaking with the cold.  Are we really ready for this?  Happy to have electric for the night. We only drove 255 miles today. Our next two days […]


Mar 28, 2019

Yesterday was a day of errands

So I looked up the residential rate of electricity.  Lake Havasu residents pay on average 9.25¢/kWh while here they are paying 12.15¢/kWh.  I can’t see that that is enough reason to not use solar panels in Lake Havasu.  Maybe there is a lack of solar panel businesses.   I found a really neat link that […]


Mar 27, 2019

Has it really been this long?

We left home last September 27, a full six months ago.  I can’t believe all the things we have done and the many adventures that we shared and so very many firsts.  Hard to believe that this trip is almost over but for not for long as the next one is not too far down […]


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