Feb 18, 2019

Would you believe it, if I told you about another party?

Yes that makes for four days in a row.  February is turning into a very social month.  I also wanted to mention that at the fundraiser this last Saturday for the special needs children, 52,420.36pesos /$2720.00USD was raised.  That will go a long way here on the Isla.

Sunday afternoon, we were invited to a birthday party for a friend we have known for nine winters now.  It was at El Velero, a lovely place to have a special gathering.

This fellow just happened to there at the same time.  Those of us invited for the occasion were given a wrist band to identify us when we went up to the generous fish taco buffet as the restaurant and their beach front patio were full.

Robin the birthday boy and his new love Deborah, were having a birthday bash.  It was his 74th and her 64th.  Yes they were born on the same day but ten years apart.

The only thing we had to pay for were our beverages.  Who had the margaritas and who had the limonda?

After our very filling and delicious meal some dancing was involved.  Good thing I sat this one out and let Bonnie take my place.  My energy level has been low the last few days.  I wonder why?  But we did have a few dances a bit later.

Tequila shots for the birthday duo.

…and a special cake.

We slipped out a few hours early for some relaxation back at the RV.  Colin of course was on one of the four guitars that he has here while I sat with a glass of wine trying to finish a novel.  Just as the sun was close to setting we had some special visitors.

Alan decided he wanted to learn how to really swivel his hips.  Colin took the photos, Laura was the encouraging audience and Alan and I were the hip snivelers.  What fun.

As I got up to join Alan I threw my hat off my head and behind me over my shoulder.   How very fortunate that it landed right around my wine glass.  Amazing, right?

Yet another cruise ship heading out.

Time for some campfire discussion.

A great way to end the day.



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4 Responses to “Would you believe it, if I told you about another party?”

  1. Gene Siesky says:

    Love Colin’s Route 66 shirt.

  2. George Yates says:

    You are party animals for Sure. Happy Birthday to Robin and Deborah., Nice to see Robin there again.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    You guys sure know how to party 🙂 And that cake looked scrumptious!

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