Feb 17, 2019

The Scouts and Umm a mini party

Yesterday Colin and I saw this group about a mile out from the RV park.  They were hiking up the beach.  We expected they were going to camp for at least one night.

Yes that is still another spot ( well it was there before)  on the camera lens.  Not only that but the camera is no longer functioning  properly, perhaps it has been taken apart too many times.

These were the youngest.

Once we got back to Tres Amigos we found out that Laura and Alan  ( and Ferne, I think ) had come down to the beach to see the group.  They were Scouts, both male and female.

They were marching up to where we were had been walking.

About 2PM we drove around over the causeway to Chivos.

There was a fundraiser going on for the disabled children here on the Isla.

Both silent and live auctions as well as raffles were used to raise funds.

Many items were donated including this CBD Oil.

Your 200 peso entry got you either two shrimp or two cheese quesadillas with side of guacamole.  Drinks were extra.

There was some live music and overall it was a fun few hours in the sun.  Still no indication of how much was raised.  I am confident that it was a large amount.

On our beach walk early this morning we saw the scouts set up.  Very precise location of each tent.  Later in the day they were walking back down the beach.  Mission accomplished.

Yesterday was yet another full day for us.


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8 Responses to “The Scouts and Umm a mini party”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to see the scouts out and about and getting together , And the fundraiser for a good cause as well.

  2. Cat in KC, MO says:

    It has been a while since I commented, but as always I am enjoying your adventures and wonderful photos (especially those sunsets)!! 🙂

    Anyway, you telling us about the fundraiser for disabled children, made me think of Romina, and wonder how she is doing. I may have missed it on your blog, but have you had any updates on how she is?

    • contessa says:

      How lovely to hear form you again. Yes,dear Romina, I have not heard anything but last year or maybe the year prior, I did see her on the street and she was not wearing a prosthesis. I promise to find out for you.

      Please don’t continue to be stranger.

  3. Linda and Russell says:

    Looks like a good time. I heard they raised over $52000 pesos. Glad it went for a good cause. We plan to attend next year…wish it was sooner but we’ve made plans to spend the month of July in Czech Republic with Russell’s daughter. That will pretty much eat up our travel budget for this year! Lol

  4. There is lots going on in your area it seems where you can participate. Even walking the beach must be different many times. The boy scouts must have loved the outing by the beach and may kids might have come from the city, so it was probably a treat for them.

    • contessa says:

      We are usually quiet around here but this has been a different winter. Yes each beach walk is unique. And we always talk about a memory or two regarding our doxie girls

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