Feb 16, 2019

Another day, another party

Yesterday the day passed very quickly, between our beach walk and my research.  Suddenly it was time to head out for dinner with Carol and Gary.  We headed into Mazatlan and the Plazuela Machado…

…where Carnaval was making an appearance.  No large paper mache statues this year but a thin looking butterfly with color just on the one side.  The colored side is facing the Italian restaurant and Gaia.  It you look carefully at the lady in white almost center of the butterfly, you can see thin black steps in front of her face.  The idea is for people to climb up and get a photo taken of themselves up there.  Certainly not as grand as the giant monigotes of years past.

Colin and I were in Centro a few days ago doing errands when we discovered that Johnny O was playing Friday night solo.  So we made a reservation.

We were at La Bohemia where he usually plays with a band but last night he was on his own.

Instead of an electric guitar he was playing an acoustic electric guitar.  His song choices were varied and a different mix than we have heard before.  Such a privilege to be there and enjoy his music.  Have a wee listen here…..

Dinner was excellent as always and the margaritas were the best I have had since we got to Mexico this year.

We shared a wonderful evening with Carol and Gary.   Not sure when we will be seeing them again but we know that we will see Johnny O soon.

Yesterday was the election of the two Queens of the 2019 Carnaval.  You can read about that by clicking here.  One of the Princesses was from Isla de la Piedra.

As we returned from Mazatlan late last night, there was a party complete with band in the central square on the Isla near the embarcadero.  Sadly Daiana Sánchez was not elected to be a Queen but she makes for a very beautiful Princesa.

I have no idea when I wake up in the morning what my day will hold but of late it certainly is exciting.

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10 Responses to “Another day, another party”

  1. George Yates says:

    Another fun day there in Mexico, good, food, drink, friends and entertainment sure can’t beat that.

    • contessa says:

      Would you believe that some days I would like to just sit and read a book all day as you do? We do love what happens day by day in our lives, but to just sit with no expectations would be grand.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    And it sounds like another fun evening!

  3. Deb says:

    Life is good! I enjoy reading how your day fills in so quickly. You are a busy lady, I sometimes get tired just reading about all the things you do in a day. Makes me feel lazy by comparison. Keep on having fun!!

    • contessa says:

      Don’t feel lazy. I think we do too much in a day. Others do nothing but sit and watch the ocean. However it is true that we have no idea how our day is going to go. We love each and every day.

  4. Isn’t listening to live music great – especially when he’s your favorite. Another fun night!

  5. Life is full of surprises. Nobody knows what’s around the corner.

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