Feb 09, 2019

You never know what you might see on a beach walk

It has been an uneventful few days.  The weather is coolish with overcast skies and a lot of afternoon wind.  We are still doing our walk as early as we can in the morning but the tide is not cooperating at the moment.  So it was about 11AM when we headed down the beach yesterday for our 3.2 mile walk and saw no one and nothing worth taking a photo of.  Because of the winds many of the fishing vessels have been hanging closer to port.

That changed as we got closer to the RV park.  Can you spot the helicopter?

It was very windy.

Trying to land facing into the wind.   The pilot did a great job.

If you look closely you can see the anchor line to the right of the first shrimper.   Definitely need to get this camera in for its third cleanse this season.  However it did come back with some dust spots last time.

Apparently while we were out on the beach an RV came in called ‘Adventure Taxi’.  You can read about them in this blog post from when we met them in Bullhead City last November.  We spoke with them briefly and told them to drop in here on the Isla and say hola as they passed through Mexico.  Sadly we were on the beach and missed them.  There is no room in either RV park  ( we are full for a bit ) and they had to go elsewhere.  Sadly the original team who set up the bus and the trip had to fly home in early January due to a family emergency.  The bus is being driven back to Vancouver by another team of friends.  You can still read about their trip on FB under ‘the Adventure Taxi’.  I wish them well.

Photo taken last November.  Hopefully things will go well for them at the various border crossings with different names on all the paperwork. 

Today was mostly cloudy again with wind so another good day for me to stay inside to do my Europe research.  I went out to take a sunset photo for this post.

I figured that this was the best it would get tonight.

But a tiny bit later I was in for a wonderful surprise.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Too bad you missed them when you were on your walkabout. Enjoy some nicer weather now.

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