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Feb 28, 2019

The return to the Isla and the rest of the day

Once we left the generator shop we both let out a sigh of relief.  We had a working generator, more or less. Most folks left early but some of us stayed and a few campfire songs were sung.  A great way to end the ‘return of the generator’.


Feb 27, 2019

The return of the generator

Chris and Juan dropped in early Saturday morning for a coffee.  We had been up for a long while as today ( Saturday ) we were moving the bus.  A good deal of outside prep such as moving flower pots, the satellite dish and disconnecting various things had been done Friday but there was still […]


Feb 26, 2019

Thursday and Friday

Last Thursday was the surprise visit by Chris and Juan.  We did not walk that day as it was too cold.  I even put the heat on for a few hours.  I spent the day on the computer finalizing the details for one of our major stops in Europe when the guys happened to appear […]


Feb 25, 2019

I am back

Wow, the last five days, plus, have my head spinning.  In the last seven days we have attended seven events, of which two were on the same day.  Our surprise guests flew away today and I am working on getting the blog caught up.  Please bear with me.  I may even publish two posts in […]


Feb 21, 2019

I couldn’t believe my eyes

It was late afternoon and I had been on the computer since early morning.  What else could I do what with the cold weather?  We did not go for a walk today.  I even had the heat on for a bit.  I had just poured a half glass of vino blanco and was finally at […]


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