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Jan 31, 2019

Visitors and more visitors

Soon it was just the four of us and we continued with the guitar music and even more singing.  We were looking for two more pieces to add to our  vocal repertoire.  Of course I made cheese quesadillas for dinner.  Colin manged to get them to the last lancha heading into Mazatlan just moments before […]


Jan 29, 2019

Special evening yesterday

Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails re the last post.   I will add in the emailed comments in the next few hours.  I am overwhelmed with all of your suggestions.  I need to digest your comments and suggestions and then I will get back to you with more specific questions.  […]


Jan 28, 2019

E-book reader or real book?

How to you prefer to read?  An e-reader or a book? I have started thinking about purchasing an e-reader.  We are traveling more and it would be nice to not have to haul three or four books with me.  Traveling in the RV makes it easy for me to bring along a large amount of […]


Jan 27, 2019

Hotel Belmar ~ The Ghost has the Key

I just finished this book a few days ago.  It was written by an American now living in Mazatlan, S.K. Carnes.  The Hotel Belmar is just a few blocks from her home on  Angel Flores here in Mazatlan.  The novel is a lovely story filled with the history of Mazatlan specifically and Mexico in general […]


Jan 26, 2019

Another busy day

The painters were returning, hopefully for the last time today.  However we were in desperate need of some fruits and veggies that we can’t get on the local veggie truck.  So Colin headed into Centro early this morning while I waited for the painters and did some gardening chores.  Of course he was back much […]


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