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Dec 24, 2018

Joyeux Noel & Merry Christmas from the Isla



Dec 23, 2018

Now that was a party

It just might have been one of my better parties.  Life is good here on the Isla.  Oh yes, we did sing ‘Let It Snow’ but with the add on of  ‘just not here’.          


Dec 22, 2018

Lighting up the Isla

While here on the Isla we like to decorate with many mini white faerie lights as I like to call them.  At Christmas we add more plus some colored lights.  I hope you enjoy then. Thank you mi amor for taking the photos for me.    


Dec 21, 2018

Christmas Que Pasa

First off thanks for all of your comments and suggestions re my blog reading issues.  By end of day I had figured out that most of the problems were related to those posting with Blogger as opposed to WordPress.  Then I got an email which confirmed that as well as another comment that suggested that […]


Dec 20, 2018

Blogging issues

I am having a good deal of trouble getting onto other blog sites.   For two days I could not get onto Travel with Kevin and Ruth, I could read the words but was unable to see photos.  Today I can see their posts.  I can’t get onto George’s Awesome Travels at all, no words nor […]


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