Dec 03, 2018

A fun Christmas gift at a great price and the last calendar photo of the year

What is it?   Why just the cutest gift that anyone could possible want.

Its a USB heated mouse pad hand warmer in Warm Winter Pink for only  $17.97.  I wish that I was either back in Canada or the the US so that I could order this.  I think it is a unique gift idea at a great price.  Click here for the Amazon details.

Resting while on a short hike in the US and enjoying some Dairy Queen soft serve back home.  That was one of their favorite treats, although in the last years of their lives they weren’t able to have any.



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8 Responses to “A fun Christmas gift at a great price and the last calendar photo of the year”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice pictures and memories of the girls. The mouse heater is cute, but we don’t use a mouse anymore prefer the track pad.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Nice pictures of the girls, but sad that it is the last one 🙁

  3. susie leslie LaRose says:

    Such cute pic’s of girl’s..

  4. Alan Brechin says:

    I always like it when you occasionally include pictures of the girls. It gives us time to pause and think about what a huge role they played in your and Colin’s lives

    • contessa says:

      Such a special comment Alan. Yes they played and enormous roll in our lives. We would not be be RVing if not for our doxies.

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