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Nov 20, 2018

Just another day here in paradise and some memories

I have to say that our time in Acapulco was the most special of all our RVing memories.  We did so much there including help the RV park to grow and we met so very many special friends including Henriette & Gilles, Shirley Ann & Jocelyn, Nicole & Jacques, Hannah & Bobbi and so very […]


Nov 19, 2018

Another day

I must be in Mexico as I suddenly have over 180 spam per day in the comments section of my blog posts. Janet and Grant dropped in for a visit.  We were later surprised by a visit from long time friends going back to our Acapulco days.  More on that tomorrow.  


Nov 18, 2018

Sometimes I wonder how I get so much done in a day

Yesterday, Saturday morning, our second morning here on the Isla, I woke up confused.  Why could I hear the distant hum of traffic?  Where was I?  A few moments passed and I realized that now it was not traffic but the sound of the ocean.  Ah, peace.  But that peace was not going to last […]


Nov 17, 2018

A very long day

But we got so much accomplished and manged to have a lot of fun doing it.  However I will have to leave the telling of the days events and the photos until the next post.  It is 11:45PM and I am done for tonite.   For certain much more tomorrow.  A special thank you for all […]


Nov 16, 2018

A full first day

Thank you to those that took a moment to leave a comment on my last post.  It really means a lot and encourages to me to continue.  Today was a busy day and I didn’t get many photos as I was too busy just doing things. We took a wee break and drove over to […]


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