Nov 21, 2018

First trip into Mazatlan

Yesterday started off with a lovely visit with Anne my blog reader.  She is just down the road from the RV park in a very nice two bedroom rental for a very reasonable price.  Colin and I got a few more things crossed off the list and then I had to get ready to head into Mazatlan.  He dropped me off at the embarcadero while he went off to our bodega to drop a few items off and to pick up our laundry.  He would later join me in town.

Two cruise ships in port.

A Carnival and a Princess.   That is over 6000 passengers visiting and helping the local economy.

In this photo you can see how very windy it was.  Out on the ocean there were huge whitecaps but here in the shipping channel it wasn’t so bad but I still got a face full of water every time the bow of the panga hit a wave.  I finally turned my back to the front of the boat which helped.  There was no way I could keep my hat on.

I then took a pulmonia to Tippy Toes where I got my hair done. Colin met me here and also got a trim.

Colin first picked up some items from the mercardo including a papaya and a pineapple.  He tried to drop off a clock and a watch but the clock repair man was closed until 4PM.  Siesta time.  Deb cut his hair between my color and my cut.  He went back to the clock repair place and it was still closed at 4:30PM.  Someone went to another door and got the fellow for Colin who invited Colin in.  He immediately started to repair both time pieces and was very meticulous.   Too bad Colin didn’t have the camera as he would have got some neat photos.  Anyway both the watch and the clock were taken totally apart, checked and then given some tiny drops of lubricating oil.  He put them back together and the watch stopped working so he took it all apart again and redid it.  Then when all were working he shook Colin’s hand and said no charge.  How very special.

Deb, my hair dresser here in Mazatlan, is officially known as Deborah Rodriguez, an internationally bestselling author.  Her latest novel, ‘The Zanzibar Wife’  is only being published in England at the moment.   However it is available at and it will be shipped to you.  Click here to order the book.  I first met Deb back in 2012 when I chose her book , ‘Kabul Beauty School’  for our Isla book club.  Click here for that story.  Meanwhile I was happy to get her to sign my book.  I never read any of her books until she signs them 😉

Colin finally got back to Tippy Toes just as they were closing.  I was beginning to be concerned as to his whereabouts.   He was at the watch repair place and had no idea of the time 8-O.  So adios to Debbie my friend and off we went in search of an ATM.  Found one but it would not recognize our card even though it did last year.   So off we went all the way back to the bank by the Cathedral.  Perfecto.  We each got the max we could on our ATM cards.

As we walked we caught a glimpse of the sunset.

We were later told that the sunset here on the Isla was beyond magnificent.  I really didn’t like missing that one.

Sadly I did not take photos but after much walking to the ATM’s we returned to Olas Altas and had dinner at the Fish Market and enjoyed a ( well two ) margaritas for me ( limonada for Colin ) and a shrimp fettuccine for me and a salmon fettuccine for Colin.  Suzanne. I can’t go there without thinking of our perfect afternoon there after the violin concert.

Just as we arrived at the restaurant I took this photo with my iPhone.  It is amazing that I figured out how to get it to post on the blog.  Happy to be able to use the iPhone here in Mexico.






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  1. ARIZONA GAL says:


  2. George Yates says:

    We loved the trips into Mazatlan always fun experience and an adventure every time.
    Nice to get your hair done and the clock and watch repaired, keep enjoying you the there as I know you will.

    • contessa says:

      There is so much to see in Mazatlan and even more to do. We never get tired of going across to visit but always love to come back to the peace and beauty of the Isla.

  3. Glad you had an Enjoyable day.
    Very Sure-real Picture with the I-Phone.
    Be Safe!

    It’s about time.

  4. Alan Brechin says:

    Nice story about the clock repairman.

  5. Croft says:

    Always fun walking around Maz and what a deal on the clockwork. We have eaten at that restaurant several times. A great day!

  6. Carol says:

    glad you finally caught up with the watchmaker. he is a really good guy.

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