Nov 02, 2018

Never a dull moment

We chose to spend last Wednesday, Halloween, at the RV park knocking things off the to do list.

Our door latch was broken by the fellows at the truck wash.  They were just doing their job and the door latch was fragile having been repaired in the past.  However the bottom of the latch was gone.  Likely swept down the drain at the truck wash.

Colin took it all apart.

A year ago I had ordered a new door latch except that it was white.  So while out the day prior we picked up some similar colored spray paint.  Certainly not an exact match to our custom paint job but close enough.

Somehow, someone never checked under the bed before the bedroom slide same in and the feet were broken off this fan and crushed beyond salvage.

While at Home Depot we had picked up some free paint stir sticks in two sizes.  Colin spray painted one.

He screwed two pieces into the plastic and added the underside pads.

Why buy a new fan when it can be repaired?  Good job Colin.

Another victim of the truck wash.  Easily caulked back into place.  Aren’t most RV’s held together by caulking?

I spent over two hours doing three loads of laundry.

In between running back and forth, transferring from the washers to the dryers, I took advantage of a large table in the clubhouse and organzined all of my travel recipes.

I then filed them according to category such as appies, soups, salads, veggies, potatoes, crock pot, fish, BBQ, mains and veggies, etc.  It should be much easier to find what I need more quickly.

This is the new gas cap that we had picked up at Autozone the day prior.  Colin came up with the idea of adding a trip of Velcro to the top of the cap.

He then attached the other side of the Velcro piece to the inside of the fuel area.  So now when he removes the gas cap he will attach it not far from where it belongs.  He is unable to close the door to the fueling station unless he puts the gas cap back on.  Problem solved.

We were treated to a lovely Halloween sunset.

I also treated us to a special Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake.  This could be the first time that I have baked in the RV.  You can’t go wrong with a three ingredient recipe.  It was delicious.



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13 Responses to “Never a dull moment”

  1. Rae says:

    The gas cap solution is genius.

  2. I need to share a no carb bread recipe with you. I laughed at first but thought it was worth a try. I made a great cinnamon blueberry bread that was sweet and tasty. No sugar or carbs. Unbelievable. You may already know it but I’ll try and remember to email it to you.

  3. Carol says:

    sounds like a productive day. we had a do nothing day here in San Carlos. just relaxed and enjoy the scenery and a new restaurant. weather is great – maybe a little warm for me but Bill loves it. Around 86.
    We ended up buying a locking gas cap as our tank “lost” a lot of fuel while in storage over the summer.
    Just tell Mountain View to give you your refund in CASH – they already have the money.

    • Dee Tillotson says:

      Carol, at one time I had a locking gas cap for two reasons; 1) before retirement, I had to park my car for the working day in a very large parking lot; it was quite easy for thieves to siphon gas from the tanks of cars and hide among the cars while doing so; gas prices had skyrocketed, and 2) after filling the tank with gas, I couldn’t start my car without keys; I knew where the keys were because I would have forgotten to put the locking gas cap back on, and the car ignition key was on the same ring with the locking gas cap key.

      The car I have now does not require me to start the car with a key, so now I’m back to losing gas caps again. So, I think I will try Colin’s solution to this long standing problem.

    • contessa says:

      Too bad about losing fuel that way. Our RV is so old that only the 2010 Dodge Caravan gas cap will fit.

  4. George Yates says:

    Nice to get those little repair jobs taken care of and a few other things as well. Always somethings to repair in an rv.

    • contessa says:

      You are right, always something to repair but the same is true for a sticks and bricks home. When you think about it we also keep getting repaired, see the chiro, new eyeglasses, decrease your BP, well you get the idea.

  5. I’m borrowing that recipe, that looks tasty!

  6. DAVID EVANS says:

    Thanks Colin, I’ve only left one gas cap behind in all my travels. I now check more than once, especially passing through Oregon, where they operate the pumps.
    Now to go looking in all my “junk” drawers for the Velcro I know I have…….somewhere….

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