Sep 30, 2018

Hurricane Rosa

We arrived at our destination today with no issues.  However once checked in, unhooked and the the RV backed in, I checked the weather.  It appears that the Mexican hurricane Rosa which is still a Category 2, is going to affect our weather both here in Utah and in Arizona this week.

Tomorrow was our only site seeing day here and suddenly rain was the forecast for tomorrow.  So after setting up we headed out to do some super intense site seeing.  It is 10:30PM and we just finished dinner.  Colin is tired and I am exhausted.  I had some heavy navigating to deal with today.  Okay I am now convinced to get a Garmin or whatever.  By next winter for sure.

We are good but trying to deal with what Mother Nature deals us and improvise as best we can.  I have a great post about today but I am way too tired to write it.  Plus if the weather is good in the morning we are out checking things out a 7AM and on.  It all depends on those weather gods.

No worries, I will catch you all up to date even if I have to do two posts in one day.  By the way Colin got some special photos this afternoon but that is two posts from now.

Stayed tuned.  Pray for sun 😎

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9 Responses to “Hurricane Rosa”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Darn weather-gawds…I was planning on heading south Sunday..then Monday..etc…The 1st forecast was a 10 day outlook and things were supposed to be looking good….
    Not today’s..I guess I may as do some more work around the homestead getting ready for…..snow??..Yikes!…..I live @ 2000’……
    Send me some sun when you get below the

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, looks like Rosa has been downgraded to a tropical storm, good news as far as winds are concerned. However, top end wind gusts can be as high as 65 mph. But by the time Rosa crosses the US border, those winds should be far less. The thing which you mostly must be concerned with is the very heavy rain at Rosa’s eye; she is traveling northeast and looks like she is deadheading for Phoenix and could jog over to Yuma. Those places have very hydrophobic soil (desert-like soil which does not readily absorb water, but the water travels over the soil creating flash flooding). Since she is traveling northeast (and mixing with a weather trough), if it would make you feel more secure, travel anywhere due west of Rosa’s path and away from her northeast quadrant where most of the wind and rain are. Realistically, you are going to get some rain and a little wind; the degree of it will depend on how far due west you travel.

    • Dee Tillotson says:

      P.S. Top off your RV fuel tank to make your RV heavier in the wind and because the fuel pumps may lose electricity in the area affected by Rosa.

  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    Phoenix is supposed to get 2 inches of rain which is a whole lot for the desert. Flash floods are the big problem and they happen in any low lying area. Keep a close eye on that weather. Glad you’re doing some sight seeing while you can. Be safe.

  4. George Yates says:

    At least you did get to see a bit maybe more today. The forecast for here is calling for rain the next 10 days, but at least we are not sightseeing or travelling yet.
    Just keep on having fun.

  5. Al McClughan says:

    Hi Contessa:

    Just a comment about GPS units. We have a Garmin, it’s over 8 years old and needs replacement (battery problems and the screen has to be frequently re-calibrated so the touch works properly). BTW, it worked great in Mexico, the only problem we found is that there are no street signs down there to speak of, the Garmin had the name of the street but we rarely saw a sign to confirm!

    Like you, we like to have a hard copy of our route with the turn-by-turn directions, we miss the Streets and Trips software that we did this on (a couple of lap tops back).

    I’m looking at the Rand McNally GPS or the Camping World version of it as a replacement, you can create directions on the computer and download to the GPS and print out hard copies. I believe it also gives a warning about low bridge clearances.

  6. bonkers says:

    it’s a bit windy here in Las Vegas this morning. The storm is supposed to arrive later this afternoon with the worst of it happening tonight and tomorrow with heavy winds and rain. Easing off by Wednesday.

  7. Paul says:

    Dear Contessa and Collin.

    I would strongly suggest getting the Garmin that is dedicated to RV ers and or truckers. You can then program the weight and height of the unit. You can also get one that is fairly good at Costco. $300 cdn but this does not give you the height and weight restrictions for your rig.
    I looked on the Facebook used items for sale listings and you can get a basic Garmin from $30-$60. That can solve a pile of work for you. Check Craig’s list or the Kijiji near you might luck out.

    Good luck.

  8. Joyce says:

    We had a huge rain fall about 6 this morning. Rain gauge says almost 2”. We were at the park Sat. and it was difficult to get through starting at Cordon’s. I don’t think we could get through to the park today. Johnny’s ‘lake’ was almost to the concrete road and to the road we would turn on to start to the beach.

    Our Grandson lives in Mesa, Az and they have been filling sandbags in anticipation of the storm.

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