Sep 26, 2018

98% ready

The other 2% will happen in the morning starting with the blowout of all of our house lines and pipes including the hot water on demand unit.  The blowout of the irrigation system and water shut off has been arranged for October 9th.   The rest is mostly carrying the last minute items into the RV such as our bedroom pillows, the bathroom items used in the morning and my desktop.  Oh and any open unfinished bottle of wine should there be such a thing :-D.  Even the TV receiver is in the RV and already connected.   Colin just finished a few more things outside ( the hitch and tow shield are already on the Jeep ) and between us we did a quick vacuum and dust before it got dark.  I then closed and locked all the windows and lowered the blinds.

We enjoyed a rainbow late Monday afternoon.

I set up my ATT hot spot device for internet today and received a wonderful surprise.  Instead of spending $75.00 for 8GB of data we are now getting 15GB for the same price 😛 Good for 30 days.  Before you all start telling me about your better plans, remember that this is a pay as you go, month by month plan.  I usually only use it for one month heading South and one month heading North.  This year it will be two months going down but I likely will only do a $50.00 for 8GB for our second month.

Monday’s sunset.

Thanks to long time reader and special friend Sandy, I have an update on the Mexico flooding situation.  “Friends on the way to Guayabitos went through that area September 24 – there were no detour signs up and they said you need a good GPS to get through that area. Did not elaborate on the route they took – they are 40 feet long and tow a pick-up.” 

Hmm, we don’t have GPS in the RV, hopefully things will  have improved by November 13th!

These stink bugs are crawling all over the house and the RV trying to get inside.  I have evicted two from the RV and five from the house in the last 48 hours.  When you touch them with a Kleenex or a paper towel they let off a horrid smell.  They are everywhere and seem to be in even greater numbers than last fall.  So hard to keep them out when we are going in and out loading.

Taken with my camera last night.

I leave you a bit of trivia.  Did you know that there are only three songs with the word oasis in the title?

Well tomorrow is a big day, hope you check in again 😎


PS  Breaking news, well at least in my world.

Today those who could make it from our all girls school graduating class had a party.  They were celebrating that we were all turning 65 this year.   My dear friend Ena, just sent me this photo of their get together.  They of course were aware that we are leaving in the morning and that the timing was off for me to fly to Edmonton.

How very special.  I so wish that I could have been there.  For sure next time.  Thanks for the photo.


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8 Responses to “98% ready”

  1. George Yates says:

    You will be on the road an enjoying some wonderful travels this morning. Travel safe and enjoy.

  2. Kelly says:

    That was so thoughtful of your friends to send the photo.
    Will be following along and hope you have a smooth departure.

  3. Steve says:

    IF … IF you have iPhone service while you are driving in Mexico, you can use the Maps app that comes with the phone. I have found that to be very useful when I am about to be lost driving.

    Have a safe trip … I look forward to seeing your beach photos again.

  4. Carol says:

    have a great, wonderful and safe trip. must seem strange leaving so early. Bill is ready to leave don’t know how long I can hold him back.

  5. Deborah S. says:

    Your smartphone has GPS. We found that the free Waze app was very useful to navigate on the road in Mexico.

  6. Have a safe trip. You have our cell number.

  7. DAVID EVANS says:

    Be sure and honk & wave if you are going south on 97 or 97 A past Entiat or Orondo..Wa…..headed south…Eh?….
    Safe Travels….

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