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Sep 30, 2018

Hurricane Rosa

We arrived at our destination today with no issues.  However once checked in, unhooked and the the RV backed in, I checked the weather.  It appears that the Mexican hurricane Rosa which is still a Category 2, is going to affect our weather both here in Utah and in Arizona this week. Tomorrow was our […]


Sep 29, 2018

974.3 miles in three days!

We had a great overnight in the Butte Walmart last night.  There were at least a dozen RV’s and a few semi’s there but we positioned ourselves away from everyone and it was very quiet and restful.  I appreciate your comment David about using the free campgrounds, etc. in order to avoid Walmart stays.  We […]


Sep 28, 2018

Don’t fence me in….

We are truly enjoying the joys of heading down the open road.  Of the 49 nights from when we left home until we arrive on the Isla we are only staying in a Walmart four times, the rest will all be in RV parks.  Staying in a Walmart is handy especially when you are covering […]


Sep 27, 2018

On the road again

Our very long day started at 7AM with packing up the odds and sods.   Ed the plumber was 25 minutes late and it took longer this year to do the blowout.  By the time we pulled out and met up at the exit area to hook up the Jeep it was getting on in time.  […]


Sep 26, 2018

98% ready

The other 2% will happen in the morning starting with the blowout of all of our house lines and pipes including the hot water on demand unit.  The blowout of the irrigation system and water shut off has been arranged for October 9th.   The rest is mostly carrying the last minute items into the RV […]


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