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Aug 26, 2018

Yesterday was a day of firsts

The idea to go see the movie came about because of a comment made by a blog reader who also happens to be a blogger herself.  With some back and forth correspondence we finally were able to set a date that worked for the four of us to meet at the movie theater.  It was […]


Aug 24, 2018

A glimpse of hope

As Colin is not doing any photography he is busy with many other chores that need to be done.  Things like sorting out the RV basements, checking the batteries and weeding the garden and generally getting ready for our departure which is just on the horizon.  There are always things that come up like the […]


Aug 23, 2018

A non computer day

I don’t think that I was even on my computer for a full hour yesterday.  A lovely change indeed.  The day started with my annual dental clean and check.  As usual everything was 100%.  From there I went from here to there, at least nine stops in all.  I was gone from 10AM until 5:30PM.  […]


Aug 21, 2018

Fire update

By midday yesterday we could see just a bit further.  The smell was less and we slept with open windows last night 😀  So I actually slept a few hours here and there.  Today is about the same except the air quality index went down from a 10+ to a 5 or 6 which is […]


Aug 20, 2018

I got to see another opera

Last Friday we had tickets for the performance of Carmen here in Kelowna.  We saw it last November in Mazatlan, you can read about that here.  I called that performance magical, not so much the one we just saw.  Opera has changed, now they are modernizing the performance, perhaps to entice more ticket buyers.  The […]


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