Aug 30, 2018

And he is off….

At the ungodly hour of 4:45AM I drove and dropped Colin off at YLW, the Kelowna airport.  He was in a helicopter in Vancouver on Tuesday and now on Thursday he is in a 737 flying to Winnipeg, with a connection in Calgary, to see Mommio ( as we call his Mom ).

I did not go back to bed and so when I heard a plane around 6:10AM I suspected that it might be his flight and fortunately was able grab this photo.  He told me that the plane did actually fly over our house.  Very cool that I got that shot.

Bonus for me, I got to see a sunrise, not a normal event in my life.

This is what it really looked like, no Photoshop, which I have no idea how to do.

Can you see the sun’s rays coming through?

So while Colin was spending time with Mommio I was partially working on getting lists ready for our trip to Mexico.  I realized that I can’t get our Mexican insurance until we fully insure the RV which won’t happen until a few days before we leave.  We have the Aviva storage insurance but not the ICBC ( provincial ) insurance and they need that information to complete the Mexican insurance.  Just another last minute item to add to that list.  I might have also taken a few hours off earlier this morning for me but please don’t tell you know who 😎   Actually Colin worked on both flights and in the lounge on editing all his photos from Tuesday.  Not completed but a good amount of work done.  Yes he spent his layover time in the lounge in Calgary where he got coffee, muffins and fruit, etc.  All part of our new Visa cards that have 0% foreign exchange.  We get six business lounge passes per year and we won’t be using any before June when he gets another six  ( it is an annual thing ) so I told him to just go and enjoy the relaxing ambiance.  Actually, we each have six passes per year so between us a total of twelve passes.  Colin’s card is our new personal Visa and the one in my name is being used as our company credit card.  Another perk is that we each get a supplemental card for each others card at no additional charge.  The cost of the lounge passes exceeds the annual Visa fee.  You all know how I have come to love business lounges so this is a perfect new credit card for us, not to mention that we are also accumulating points that we can use on any flight, hotel ( even Airbnb ) or car rental that we choose.  Definitely the perfect credit card for us.

Just now, I got a quick call from Colin, he was playing his guitar and Mommio ( who will be 104 in one month ) was singing a song in Polish.  What fun for them :-D.  This is the first time I have ever heard Mommio sing 😆


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  1. Kay says:

    How wonderful to hear about Colin’s mom. Have wondered how she was doing. 104! WOW – God Bless her. So glad Colin gets to go and spend some quality time with her. She sure looks to be a very sweet lady.

  2. Dolores T says:

    Beautiful sunrise!! I also rarely see them… My sleeping in, in retirement has taken on a whole life if it’s own… Hahahaha
    I am always amazed at all you manage to get done!!!
    Take Care
    (Self care and time to ones own is always important)

  3. Arizona Gal says:


  4. What a lucky guy to still have his mother at the age of 104!

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