Aug 29, 2018

So that was the cause of my stress today!

I was on my way into Kelowna to run a few errands and then end with a calming massage.  Trying to work the kinks out of my neck and shoulders after all those hours on the computer doing research.   I allowed double the time I needed to get to my 1PM appointment so that I could get those errands done,  such as buying batteries for  items in the RV and my Fitbit  as well as getting some extra ink for the printer.  I had already run five errands here in Lake Country ( including a wine stop ) 😛

Instead I sat in standstill traffic for over 30 minutes.  When I finally got to the intersection ( which was the  airport intersection ) there was no sign of an accident.  So when I saw this photo on the online news earlier I went oh yeah!!!  Wow that motorcycle is totally upside down.  No further details at this point but it does not look good.

So I did get to my appointment right on the dot of 1:00PM.  When I was asked how I was feeling, the answer was stressed 😯   Happy to say that I am no longer stressed.  Despite driving the Jeep today as Colin had taken my car in for an oil change and dealing with rain ( my umbrella was in the Lexus ) and the accident I managed quite well.  FYI I don’t like driving the Jeep but I expect that I will get used to it over the next six months.

Well it is official, it was announced today that 2018 is the worst fire season ever here in British Columbia.

The forecast tonight is for thundershowers.  Despite the ominous looking clouds, lets hope that it does not happen.  Enough is enough.


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  1. George Yates says:

    Nothing quite like a good massage to make you fell relaxed.

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