Aug 27, 2018

Back to Normal – for Now!

What a change in the last 36 hours.  So nice to be able to leave the windows open and to breathe fresh air.

Sunday morning. Clouds, no smoke and fresh air.

I wish I knew a way to reach those that are responsible for so much damage.

We finally had a very few short showers Sunday afternoon.  So happy to say that late in the evening and most of the night it rained steadily.

This morning we were blessed with blue skies.

Sadly the rain has not done much to tamper the fires.  They say that we may be back to smoke filled skies by the end of the week.

A great day for this couple.

I wish I could say that we had a great day.  Colin and I are very aware of the weather due to our business.  The forecast on Sunday was for a clear beautiful day today.  So Colin sent texts out to a few of his clients.  We have so many clients who need perfect weather photography before we leave the end of September.  Today was the first perfect day in close to six weeks.  None of them could get it together for today.  What a waste of the day.  At least financially.  We certainly enjoyed having the windows wide open and the sun streaming in.  It is rather cool for this time of year, only a high of 72F with lows of around 50F.  Almost feels like fall.

I hope that wherever you are that your day was extra special for you.



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4 Responses to “Back to Normal – for Now!”

  1. george yates says:

    That is so wonderful the skies have finally cleared and you can breathe fresh air.

  2. Beautiful weather, enjoy! We are on week nine of 40C plus daily temps. Water levels at the lake are down to a mere 36%. Mother Nature is not being kind or we’re not being kind to her.

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