Jul 27, 2018

I flew to Edmonton today

It is time to get my body back to normal after my three falls.  Through muscle testing I could tell they my body is totally out.  I went for a massage this last Tuesday to help loosen my muscles so that my Edmonton chiropractor would have something easier to work with.  I was surprised at how tight I was through my neck, back and chest, all likely related to my heavy falls.  I come here  to Edmonton once per year to see Dr McKenna as he gets me perfectly aligned and I generally stay that way for a year.  Colin came with me last year but I am on my own this time.  This is a link to the Australian doctor who taught Dr. McKenna while studying in London, England.  He is one of three Canadians who knows this particular very effective treatment.  More detail can be found here.

This is my 5th year coming to see Dr. McKenna. The first time we were in the RV.  Mostly because the shuttle from the airport stops here at the Varscona Hotel I now spend the night here.  Colin came with me last year and I really miss him right now.

So many perks, including the thick robes, the umbrella, bikes at no charge to roam around the area, wine and chesse every day from 5:30 to 6:30, a full buffet breakfast and so on.  Well worth the price that keeps dropping each year as I become a regular.

The water here in Edmonton has added fluoride which I will not drink so I went out to buy a large bottle of water and a bottle of wine.  I saw this is the store.  This is one of the wines that we drink in our home and the wine in the box that I recently purchased several cases of at a mere $32.00 per box.  Quite the difference in price.

I love the variety of signs I see each time I come here.  New arrivals, vegan shoes.  It seems that this is the next newest on dit.

What ever is duck waffle?  Especially at $21.00!

I was amazed at my chiropractic appointment today.  I had a rib out on the right side.  My L3 and L4 were out as well as my sacroiliac and my S1 and S2.  Dr.  McKenna said that I was rather complicated this time as I had three different areas out.  I love how he proves to you what your problem area is before he even treats you.  Basically he has you hold in place the area he wants to treat and proves to you via muscle testing that this is how that particular area will be corrected.  And it worked.  Just as the first area was treated,  I felt so much better overall.  When he was done I felt lighter and freer.

The most important thing that came to light was that my right side/ thigh to toe ( which I had observed just a few days ago  while walking in new shoes  in  which I was turning my foot out to the right ) was now normal after a very simple treatment.    I was given back my life.  Dr McKenna believes that something was out of wack with me even before the trip to Europe.  He said that I should no longer be tripping ( as long as I remained in balance ).   So of course my first thought was to come and get an adjustment next May before we leave on our next major trip to Europe.

After a treatment one should walk for a bit.

There were several such homes in the area I walked through.

I really liked this home complete with carriage house.

Built in 1912.

I next met Ena for lunch, a very special friend that I have had since grade six. This was the first time that we had seen each other in three years.  It seemed that we had just been together yesterday, our conversation just kept going as if we had never been apart.

I found it very sad to say goodbye this time.

Always something to see here on Whyte  Avenue.

I went for a long walk after Ena left.  I found this very old tree trunk most interesting.

I walked as far as the river valley but there was no way I was going down those stairs  as I knew that I would only have to climb back up.  Not today!!!

I found a break in the trees were I could get a shot of  part of the city skyline.

Once back at the hotel I downloaded the photos I took today and dealt with my many emails.

I moved downstairs to the daily wine and cheese offered by the hotel.  The same wonderful server I spoke with last year was there today.  She told me that my favorite, Pinot Grigio,  had been featured yesterday.  Today we were being offered a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay from an Ontario Vineyard.  Both of the vines were 14%…wow!  I don’t normally enjoy a Chardonnay but this one had very little oak that I could taste and it was very enjoyable.  Difficult to see my wine glass to the right of my computer as well as my cheese plate.  You can see the wines over my shoulder  to my left.

I had a lovely selection of cheeses to the point that I chose not to go out to dinner later.  So instead I worked on this post and had a nice soak in the tub before I called it a night.




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10 Responses to “I flew to Edmonton today”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, since you are now in the big city of Edmonton, you might have a chance to go sandal shopping. My recommendation is that you get away from leather sandals and try the new Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam sandals. They are very light weight and the materials are man made to accomplish that purpose. Very good arch support and conformity to your foot; not your foot having to conform to the sandal. Feet do not easily tire while wearing them. Maybe you can Google some shops in Edmonton to determine if they may have them in stock to try on.

    P.S. By the way, belated Happy Wedding Anniversary and tell Colin Happy Birthday, too.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for your celebratory wishes.

      My friend Jannose read this comment about the Sketchers so after dinner yesterday we stopped at a mall on the way to the airport to check out these sandals. They are all you say except the arch support is no where near enough for me. Have a look at the arch support in a Mephisto next time you are in a shoe store that carries them. If I didn’t wear Mephistos I would have to wear orthitics. Anyway all is not lost as Jannose is going to be buying some.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that got your body all tuned up again. a good chiropractor sure can make a big difference on how your body feels and performs.

  3. SandyM says:

    Nice post. As the Girl Scouts say “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold”. That is what you do, Contessa, all the time.

    • contessa says:

      Very sweet of you to say Sandy. You are a dear friend also, first though this blog for many years and now in person for a few years. Hope to see you and Rex again this winter.

  4. Sally Poppema says:

    Sounds like Kinesiology. We have a chiro here that does this also. Feels so good

  5. Looks like it did the trick. We all need a tweak now and then. SLDS

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