Jul 26, 2018

Que pasa

Now that I am feeling better I am working on getting several to do’s off the list.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.  It seems like  I am whirling about like a mini tumbleweed.  We are leaving earlier this fall as we have extra travel plans on the agenda ( not yet organized ) before we head to our beloved Isla de la Piedra.

One of the priorities was to get the RV ready to travel and this included getting the carpets professionally cleaned.

We have done this every year since moving here in 2003 with no problem.  However this year we are in the newly rebuilt storage facility here in our RV park.  The park was flooded last May as was the storage area in June.  We were evacuated from our home and at one point we had to rescue our RV from the storage area.  Click here for that post.  So we were able to move back into the newly redone storage space just four weeks ago.  Not only a new base to drive on but a redesigned layout with much tighter spaces.  It took us a while to get into our spot.  We were fortunate that we could put our living room slide out and still be within the perimeter of our space.  However on the passenger side the bedroom slide went over about 14 inches.  There was a boat stored there and the boat could easily be moved in or out even with our slide put out.  We put the slides out late on the Wednesday and the carpet cleaner was there at 830AM on Thursday.  We were planning to put the slides back in midday Friday once the carpets were dry.  We were both out Friday morning and I came home to two phone calls and an email from the park.  We were not allowed to put our slides out, etc, it was a storage lot.  Period.  No matter that we have been getting our carpets and at times the upholstery cleaned there for 15 years.  New rules.  No idea how we will get the carpets cleaned next year.

Our newish mountain ash tree has hundred of berries this year to the point that the lower branches were almost touching the grass.  I did online research to no avail, called my yard guy and didn’t know either so Colin just went out and started sniping off the berries.  He did cut off quite a few as you can see on the ground but we have no idea if we did the right thing.  Now a few weeks later the berries are starting to droop from the upper branches.  What to do?

We kill our weeds the natural way with boiling water.

There is a tiny space between our driveway and the road that is a magnet for dirt and weeds.

So Colin ( yes Colin is the physical to do person, I do the mental/planning and detailed stuff ) cleaned out the area.

Then started applying a cold press asphalt to fill in the space.

I was the one who came up with the idea and did the research on finding the product which took about two weeks of back and forth phone calls.

Early morning visitor.  First time ever we have seen a raccoon here.

Once he spotted us he went down the neighbors rocks and across to our beach.  I just barely caught him at the base of our stairs.  He was moving fast.

Last week we had our annual meeting with our financial advisor and we continue to do very well.  No worries about running out of money to continue our travels.  Afterward he treated us to lunch at the Yacht Club.  View from our table.  No smoke last week.

I am on a quest to find the perfect walking shoe. After six hours it was obvious that this one was a no go. It took over two hours for the dent on my big toe ( due to the shoe’s toe strap ) to disappear.

Not quite sure what was going on here.  Papa in the yellow kayak was towing the black rubber raft with a child in it.  An older child in the blue kayak was towing the pink raft with nothing in it.  Oh well it was fun to watch.

Every time I see a kayak or canoe on the lake I wonder why we aren’t out there.  Soon I hope.  Physically I am finally ready but now we are living in smoke.

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  1. Rules, rules, rules. We have them here in Mexico but they aren’t always enforced. I don’t know which side better.

  2. George Yates says:

    Maybe have to get you carpets and upholstery cleaned at sae place when you are on the road.
    We solved that problem by getting rid of our carpet.

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