Jun 26, 2018

Que Pasa

Thank you for the blog comments and emails.  Yes I am still alive and actually starting to get better.  I am still sleeping 12 hours night/ day.   My cough is lessening but still bringing up  crud but mostly only until noon.  The best part is that I am about 70% back to normal energy level.  I really needed to catch up on the business taxes to be paid, bills and invoices, etc.  Even though we are attempting to semi retire there is still the same amount of work to do each month much to my chagrin.  I wish I could just stop but I am the one that runs the company behind the scenes so I must continue.  Eventually I hope to get it to just a few days per week.

Colin worked hard to get the weeds under control in the garden.  We have enjoyed both the kale and Swiss chard from out garden this past week.

My tomatoes are looking great. Today is my last day wearing these horrid stockings so soon I will be in the garden pulling weeds.

Just waiting to taste these once they ripen.

I finally felt strong enough to get my car insured for the next three months ( it was on storage insurance ).  I still haven’t driven it, since last fall, but at least I am not so foggy that I am impaired to drive.  However I am not quite up to driving yet.  I haven’t been for a walk since we left Barcelona.  Soon I will get some balance in my life or so I hope.

Is that good when your new license plate reads 747 🙂

However I still have managed to lose 5.4 pounds since we left here mid May.  I have actually lost 22.8 lbs since September 11, 2017 and I ate all that I wanted to as well as drank all the wine I wanted to, no restrictions at all.   That just goes to prove that as long as you exercise daily ( a lot ) you can eat pretty much all you want within reason of course.  However a large part of my weight loss is related to the change in my eating style.  Thanks to a friend and fellow blogger I found out about intermittent fasting.  A much healthier way to eat overall and a by product is weight loss.  Of course they suggest just a glass of wine here and there but you know me 😀  I really do need to get back to walking as soon as I can.  By the way three of the four pair of walking shoes that I had brought to Europe needed to have new heels put on as I had worn them right down 😆

Some serious work going on.  One of the neighbors is taking out his front yard and putting in concrete.  He has been working for a few weeks and many of the fellows ( and a few gals ) here on Lake Lane are helping out each day.

Over the last 3 – 4 years our Duradek steps have been becoming darker.  We have tried many of the recommended cleaning ways to no avail.  So the other day Colin just went for it, used Simple Green and a light power wash.  A huge difference but still not perfectly clean.  Any suggestions???

Saw this critter over at the neighbors.  Have not researched it yet…marmot??


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9 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    You garden is doing quite well , nothing quite like fresh veggies from your graden, Nice that you are feeling better, retirement is a wonderful thing once you get there.

  2. susie says:

    Glad your feeling better. Garden looks good.. Cheers!

  3. I would have guessed marmot too. Wow, Colin is a great weeder. At least you will see some of the fruits of your garden! Hopefully the business will slow a bit (yeah right) so you can relax. Glad your energy is on the rise! I am off the 10,000 steps a day trying to get my foot to heal, right now it is about 90 percent so next week I will start back. I did do 10,000 steps 5 x last week but zero for two this week. Exercise is a huge helper. Congrats on your weight loss – I wouldn’t give up wine (or in my case Lonetree ginger cider) for weightloss, would rather give up food lol

  4. SandyM says:

    Hi Contessa, happy to hear you are feeling better – keep at it and hopefully complete, good health will soon be yours.

    Colin is a great “weeder” and it looks like he has saved your garden and especially the tomatoes.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Years ago when I sprained my left ankle and broke my right one (slipped on a hay trailer) my large vegetable garden didn’t get weeded for a month! When I got to it (in a cast and sitting on a plastic lawn chair) I was surprised to find the vegetables happily growing underneath the weeds. Large weeds pull easier than small ones and all was well! Who knew? Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  6. Glad you’re feeling better. I hope you get out soon, behind the wheel, fresh wind in your hair, sunshine, and get back to your old self again.

    The garden looks really good!

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! And congratulations on the weight loss 🙂 Your garden looks fantastic and yes I believe that is a marmot.

  8. chuck escalante says:

    Good your felling better!
    That rodent appears to be a nutria. Very invasive rodent that here in Calif we are trying to eradicate, they destroy the natural habitat.

  9. chuck escalante says:

    Actually after googling muskrat, marmot and nutria I’m not sure which it is….But less inclined to feel it is a nutria.

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