Jun 19, 2018

Taking a day or two off

Had my last right leg vein treatment done this AM and the last left leg treatment for this year is tomorrow.  Not fun wearing thick mid thigh tight compression stockings in 34C temperatures.

I was exhausted by 10AM and could barely do my 30 minute required post vein treatment walk.  I felt like I was falling apart, no vitality at all.  I wanted to lie down and sleep forever.  Colin called my doctor who was able to fit me in within 30 minutes.  She has no idea what is wrong with me.  My whooping cough test came back negative which I knew and now today I went for an x-ray despite my lungs appearing clear.  Colin thinks that I just totally wore myself out, right down to nothing.  I just kept going and going in Europe no matter what.

Maybe I just need bed rest for a few days.  Even during my two hip replacements I felt so much better.  I just want to stop coughing and blowing my nose 😥  Five weeks is much too long to live like this.

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7 Responses to “Taking a day or two off”

  1. SandyM says:

    Rest, dear Contessa, get well, prayers for you to feel better soon.

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, has your doctor checked your hemoglobin? This may be as simple as giving you a B-12 shot. It is not unheard of for women in our age group to suffer from a little anemia. Hope you are feeling well soon.

  3. lucy says:

    Sinus Rinse TWICE @ day for stuffy nose.

    Sleep @ lot, drink lots of water; hope you’re on the mend soon.

    My regards: Lucy.

  4. George Yates says:

    Get your rest ,take it easy and feel better soon.

  5. I am so sorry you are feeling like that. Definitely take some time for yourself. And the next time you go away consider 3 weeks in one place so you can take every other/3rd day off?

  6. Dolores T says:

    Hope with rest u r better soon!!

  7. Kay says:

    Valley Fever…. get the blood test done asap!!!!

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