Jun 18, 2018

Yeah we finally got to France!

I did do a post a while back about our trip from Florence to Nice on May 31st.   You can find that here.  There is also a link to our Airbnb there.  I must mention again that Nice is the second largest city in France after Paris but the most expensive in all of France.  Long ago Sardinia gave Nice to France in exchange for protection of their land.  We did find the prices a tad higher but we managed for the most part to keep within our budget.

There were not quite as many smokers in Florence as the rest of Italy or so we thought.  Many many people riding bicycles there even dressed in their business attire.  Nice had even fewer smokers which we appreciated.  I still can’t believe the amount of cigarette butts we had to walk over in Naples and Rome.

We really enjoyed our train travel in Europe. This was our segment from Florence ( which was the only city it never rained in while we where there ) to Milan in Prima class.

From Milan to Nice we were in in First class which was not as nice as the lower senior prima class was.  However it was totally enjoyable.  So much to see.

Why would you fly when you can see so much in a few hours?

We saw this as we came into France. No idea what type of vessel this was.

Our VRBO host picked us up at the train station.  So wonderful for us as I was already worn out what with the rushing to change trains in Milan and just being weaker than normal.

I had emailed our Nice host as to where I could have my stitches taken out.  Somewhere along the way there was a misunderstanding and they assumed that I needed to see an eye specialist.  From the train station we were whisked by auto to our lovely apartment.  However after a brief intro to the place he told us that we had an appointment to have the stitches over my eye checked out in thirty minutes 8-O.  My stitches still needed another 24 -48 hours before removal.

So we waited 45 minutes and the French eye specialist MD who at first claimed that me could not understand my French ( which he did later as he warmed up to me ) decided that if we waited ( another hour ) that he would remove my stitches today.  I would have preferred to wait a day or two.

So we waited and he did remove them.  I could have done it myself but I was unable to see above my eye without my eyeglasses.  We waited and he unnecessarily put a topical anesthetic on the area.  Finally he very slowly and carefully ( and  painlessly removed my stitches ).  The facture/bill was 100 euros.  Wow!!  Oh well, at least they were out.

On our walk back to the apartment we found a small cafe style restaurant that offered a veggie burger with fries.  Perfect.  We really needed a change from pizza and pasta.

We truly enjoyed our meal and the great inexpensive house wine.  It wasn’t long before we headed back to our comfortable home for five nights complete with sloped floors to unpack and get settled.  We did have an early morning tour scheduled for the next morning.

I was so happy to be in Nice.





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4 Responses to “Yeah we finally got to France!”

  1. George Yates says:

    You did have some great times there and lots of new scenery.

  2. Peter says:

    Nice is nice…

  3. Rod and Sylvia says:

    We really enjoyed our time in Nice. Can’t hardly believe it was 3 years ago.

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    The veggie burger looks yummy! Even I was tired of seeing you eat so much pizza and pasta in Italy. LOL!

    Haven’t been to Nice, but have driven the countryside of France. That was when I was a whole lot younger and rented a room from families on farms along the roadway. Their food was simple but well prepared. Michelle asked me one day if I would like a nice fish for dinner and, of course, I said “oui.” This was around Strausbourg, and she directed me to a stream or brook with a fishing pole to catch the fish. How very proud I was when I returned with four nice size brown trout. Enough to feed the whole family. After cleaning (but she left the fish head on), she sautéed the fish in wonderful butter and herbs, not overdone and so flaky. The French really know how to cook well and what they can do with a couple of eggs is unbelievable. Cooking is in the French’s DNA. The renowned chef Julia Child thought so too.

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