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Apr 23, 2018

Almost caught up

We both feel like we are making progress.  Today was a bonus day in that we had sunshine and warmth.  Colin went out and did the first photography job of the year while I never even stepped outside.   Hope to get out for a walk tomorrow.  I have to get my legs back into […]


Apr 22, 2018

A very expensive bottle of wine

I mentioned in my last post that we were going to open a bottle of red wine for dinner last night.  We don’t usually drink red but we have a lot of it in our wine cabinet which has been gifted to us over the years.  Colin enjoys red but I prefer to drink white.  […]


Apr 21, 2018

Almost done

I am about 98% finished.  Quite confident that it will all be sent by courier on Monday to our accountant in Vancouver.  I save at least $4000.00 by pre doing as much as I can including balancing the entire year.  Colin meanwhile cleaned the entire house on his own and even brought a load over […]


Apr 20, 2018

I am getting forgetful

So here we are in current time and making our dinner for tonite.  My spices are in the RV 😳  I recall having the thought of having to empty the spice cabinet but somehow it never got done.  Also my favorite two knives are still in the RV.  If the RV were here in the […]


Apr 19, 2018

Que pasa

So yesterday afternoon started with an eye exam for me.  Because I was doing it within ten months from my last one it was going to cost me $110.00 CAD.  I have been having trouble reading with  my prescription sunglasses.  Things were fuzzy  when I was trying to read the fine print on maps.  I […]


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