Apr 24, 2018

Today and some Isla RV TV

Quite the busy day again but we got so much accomplished.  We even sold both of our bikes and the bike rack.  I had purchased a new bike two years ago but only used it for 15 minutes.  I am just too frightened of falling and injuring my hips.  So I put it up for sale online Sunday evening and someone came to buy it today.  He saw Colin’s old bike and offered $50.00 for it and he bought our bike stand as well.  So we are ahead $270.00 and no longer have bikes cluttering our yard.

Speaking of our yard, we finally have a bud on one of our two trees about to open.

Walking is all I want to do.  Sadly once again I did not get out today. Other than going out twice to chase some geese off the lawn I haven’t been outside since Friday.  Stupid things like being on hold for the Government of Canada waiting to ask for some forms to be sent out took just under an hour as did so many other phone calls I had to make today.  It seems to be taking longer to get any one task completed.

Just for fun I thought I would throw in some RV TV shots taken in our last few weeks on the Isla.

They never seem to learn.  First the blue car got stuck and the red truck came right up to him and also sank.

He just kept spinning that tire until it was almost buried.

We had a lot of fog in March which was unusual.  It cooled things off and required sweaters and jackets.

Yet another one.

Pushing did not work nor did a small Jeep trying to pull it out. They finally had to resort to getting a tractor.


Gosh it is only 7:20PM.  We may get in an early dinner for a change.  Good thing as Colin is off a 5:45AM to get a specific exterior shot in the perfect light.

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8 Responses to “Today and some Isla RV TV”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    I got stuck in the sand at Long Beach Wa. 5′ from the road…..The local charged me $5.00 to pull me out.That’s how he made his beer $$…Seemed fair, this was 1980 or something..I know the price of ale has gone up, as their prices also, bet they are still drinking Bud Light or other garbage…:+)….

    • contessa says:

      You will be surprised to hear that no one charges to pull folks out here on the Isla. Although I really think that they should.

  2. George Yates says:

    Always fun there on the Isla watching people getting stuck on the beach and various different ways for getting out.

  3. Ha ha, been there, done that. No t-shirt though. Calling the Government at this time of year is hopeless. Actually, I think they always put callers on hold hoping they give up. Speaking of waiting it will be a bit longer until our trees show those buds you have in your garden.

    • contessa says:

      Well I did get thru to the dept I needed eventually. So very very tired of being on hold to get thru to a human. Both the sun and the heat came out today and wow, spring is springing.

  4. Linda & Russell says:

    Glad you’re getting caught up. Maybe you’ll have some time to just relax before your big trip.
    Quiet here in Mazatlan…hardly a soul in the streets during the day in El Centro….that’s the way we like it! Starting to warm up but still a nice breeze. Heading to Carmelitas tomorrow and a fund raiser for the Isla school on Sunday at Los Chivos…will be thinking of you and Colin.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you so very much for supporting the Isla school. You are seeing a side of Mazatlan that we will never see. No one in Centro!! Enjoy your time on the Isla.

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