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Mar 27, 2018

Yesterday and Semana Santa

This is the blog post  that you would have received last evening had I not fallen asleep on the sofa 🙄  So be sure to check back for today’s post later this evening. Semana Santa is slowly ramping up here on Stone Island.  I took my first walk in over a week ( due to […]


Mar 25, 2018

It was a wine kind of day

Colin did a wine count the other day and we have more wine than we can possibly drink before we get back to Canada.   So I had to sell some extra.  I sent an email out to the white wine drinkers that are still  here on the Isla.  Three replied yes and I found three […]


Mar 24, 2018

Still not doing well

I was so disappointed to wake up today still coughing and blowing my nose.  I haven’t walked the beach since last Sunday 🙁   Colin and I had an intimate table for two booked right on the dance floor next to our very favorite band playing tonight at Gaia on the Plazuela Machado.  We had to […]


Mar 23, 2018

Two c’s

I want to start this post with a very special thank you to a blog reader couple who just made a generous donation to the care of the three puppies at the shelter where they will be moved to on Monday ( fingers crossed ).  With their help along with other blog readers, these pups […]


Mar 22, 2018

Another trip to town and more blog readers

We then went to El Recreo where there was a 90 minute travelogue presentation on Paris, Spain and Lisbon.  It was interesting but we really did not learn anything.  Gosh I wish we had more free time.  We could put together some fabulous presentations from our various trips over the years.  We did one once […]


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