Mar 30, 2018

We took a chance and headed into Mazatlan

We all know that the big days here on the beach are Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.  We really needed some groceries from the mercado before we leave Tuesday so we took the chance and left early Thursday morning and hoped that we would not have to wait in line coming back to the Isla.

The last two times we were here for Semana Santa we stayed at the RV park the entire time other than walking the beach of course.  It was neat to see so many mini businesses cropping up like this one. Folks were even setting up tables and selling food from their homes.  Good for them.

Just before the butcher shop a huge truck had set up and was selling all kinds of kitchen goods.  To the left of the butcher a very long grill was being set up and the sign offered carne asada.  I saw no fewer than five chicken ladies :). Folks were not going to go hungry and this was only Thursday.  From here we picked up our final basket of laundry as well as a few items at Feddies tienda.  Then off to Mazatlan.

Hey a new shop just across from the ticket booth at the embarcadero.  Note the spelling of souvenirs on the English side.  Great idea.

Once we did our shopping we rushed back to the dock.  The lanchas were filling quickly one after the other.  We got the last two seats on the boat at the left.  There is a different system in effect.  The driver never leaves his seat, someone on the dock helps us on and off and a young muchacho ( boy ) onboard insists that everyone has a life jacket on.  Very organized and efficient, they are ready to handle the crowds.

Heading back to the isla. We were the third boat heading that way.

This is a really fun quick video of our trip back to the Isla.  It will also give you a feel for the joy of Semana Santa that folks come to the Isla for.

Once we got our groceries stored we went for walk up the beach.  More people that Wednesday but still not the full crowd.

There were lots of vendors working hard.

Oysters anyone?

Good PR perhaps!

Some of these photos are inserted for the many blog readers who used to RV here and still like to see the que pasa of the Isla as well as my many readers who have stayed here on the Isla or have visited in the past.  The Union Bar has really been spruced up.

Can you see the RV park behind the umbrellas?

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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    It looks like you are in for a fun, entertaining weekend! What a great way to spend your last days there 🙂

  2. George Yates says:

    The busy times one the beach are always fun enjoy the crowds.

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